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How to know what your salary should be


How to know what your salary should be

I was on the way to my veryy firts interview as a fresh graduate in 2013. I had just concluded the mandatory NYSC programme and returned to Lagos two days back after writing the NIMC test in Enugu State. From the point where I read every billboard along Falomo road till after 2 years of work experience in my present place of work, I never thought about my salary or what I was worth.

I believed I would grow on the lines or simply get a better job that would pay me more than I am even worth as a fresh ‘hot’ graduate with an almost 1st class result. But years by. I read some articles about how to ask for a raise but couldn’t simply get a base or know how to present my case.

Are you like I was?

You may never have thought once if your present salary is what you’re worth. Possibilities are, you’re worth way more. With the Jobberman Nigeria Salary Insight Tool you never get to assume what you’re worth… you simply know it!

In furtherance of its commitment towards transforming productivity for employees and employers in Nigeria and across Africa, Jobberman Nigeria has launched a salary insights tool. This tool is designed to provide free access to transparent data to ensure jobseekers know their worth as well as ensuring that employers pay market-standard salaries for work done.

For Job seekers seeking better opportunities, you now have the full confidence to answer the question ‘What is your salary expectation?’. Much more exciting is that you can know the standard salary in your industry based on location and your years of experience.

Do you want to know what your new salary should or would be? Head on to
Jobberman Nigeria salary insights tool now!

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