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How to get a job via Jobberman in less than 3 months


How to get a job via Jobberman in less than 3 months

Two months ago, there was a rare case of confrontation I got from an event participant who had spent an ample number of months searching for a job on the Jobberman platform but to no avail. Obviously, there are thousands of other job applicants who have the same ordeal and would constantly ask “how do I get a job in Nigeria?”.

Do you ask the same question?

Today, I’ll not be telling you how to get a job in Nigeria or how to get a job in Lagos or Abuja or Port Harcourt, not even how to get a job in 2020. No.

Today, I shall make you discover how you can be an active job seeker on Jobberman and get a job in just 3 months. This method is not foolproof but it has been subtly tested and what’s more? Jobberman has put jobseeker AI-driven tools to make it even easier to get a job.

Now, let’s dive in!

How to get a job in Nigeria through Jobberman

1, Get a registered Job Seeker Account

This is the first step of getting a job through Jobberman. It is possible that having a connection in Jobberman can put you in front of the best employers out there but the reality is, except a company wants a direct recruitment via Jobberman, all other job applications have to go through the ATS which, only the employer have access to and no staff of the Jobberman team can infuse a resume. So, go get a job seeker account on Jobberman today, CLICK HERE.

2, Update your profile to a 100%

Next, you need to complete your profile. This is as important as having a good CV if you are to get a job through Jobberman. The following are the pertinent reasons why you need a complete and updated CV:

  • You get found easily by in-house recruitment consultants easily and speedily.
  • For every candidate that has a 100% profile on Jobberman, their applications on all jobs are tagged and prioritize by the ATS. Their applications are moved up above all other candidates without a complete profile, so it appears as if they applied first out of every first 10 candidates who apply. 
  • Employers can easily contact you even without checking your CV. 

3, Rewrite your CV for ATS compliance purposes 

I look at some CVs today and they are beautifully written with the right placements and awesome job titles but they are not ATS compliant. The head and tail of Jobberman job posting and employer shortlisting processes heavily rely on the ATS. Jobberman has the best ATS in Sub Saharan Africa powered by a cutting edge tech and AI. So your CV needs to be compliant with standard ATS and most CV rewriting service do not understand this. 

It is important to note that writing or rewriting your CV yourself is not a good move. You should always have an experienced person do it for you, someone who has a good understanding of keywords and word structure. Better still, Jobberman has an awesome team of CV writers and they can help you out. CLICK HERE to contact them. 

4, Apply Early – for jobs you’re qualified for

As unimportant as this may sound, it accounts for more 80% of how you can get a job on Jobberman. What is the use of applying for jobs you are not quad for? You’re simply wasting useful energy on job advertisements you’ll never be interviewed for. Employers on Jobberman pay to advertise their jobs, consequently, they’d not spend time on applications that do not fit their requirements. 

Furthermore, Jobberman has a large pool of candidates just like you and applications come in quickly from active job seekers. In a matter of minutes, jobs ads receive a substantial number of applications which can help employers make a decision on the right candidate. Applying early enough for jobs you qualify for will ensure 80% of being called for an interview. 

Introducing… Jobs Tracker WhatsApp Group

After all said (by me) and done (by you) so far, I am starting a WhatsApp group that will solely focus on tracking jobs from Jobberman. The aim of this is to enable candidates to apply for jobs early and gain insightful knowledge on roles they have or intend to apply for. And in the event that you have been invited for an interview, I can also assist with top-level info in the company and who will likely have the interview with you. This will help with your research about the company and assist you to prepare better. 

Meanwhile, other jobs will be posted on the platform. What this means is that, in order to gain value from the group, you will need to have a Jobberman Jobseeker account as stated above.

To join the WhatsApp group, CLICK HERE


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