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How to Enable Spell Checks in MS Excel

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How to Enable Spell Checks in MS Excel

Nothing lowers the credibility of your work than a spelling mistake. Spell Check in Excel is often ignored given that #Excel users often work with numbers as compared with text. But it is still one of the important checks one should have in place.

As compared to MS Word or PowerPoint, where you can visually see a red underline below the word that has been misspelt, nothing of that sort happen in Excel. Imagine a disastrous spelling error glaring out of your worksheet when you sent it to your client.

No matter how much hard work you put into data crunching and analysis, all your credibility goes down the drain.

Well – NOT anymore.

In this post, I will show you how to use spell check in Excel and how you can maximize your efforts by the options available to you.

Where to find Spell Check in #Excel?

You can find spell check option in review tab in the ribbon in Excel.

When you click on the Spelling option in the review tab, it opens the Spell Check dialogue box.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut F7 to run spell Check in Excel.

To use this, activate the worksheet in which you want to run spell check, select the cell/range of cells, and press F7 from your keyboard.

I hope this is helpful?

Akerele Oluwasogo is a full-time analytics consultant and Excel instructor, he cuts his teeth using Excel to solve real-world business problems and develop award-winning analytics & data visualization tools for companies.

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