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How to Apply for a job in 2019: 8 Rules that Work

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How to Apply for a job in 2019: 8 Rules that Work

Welcome to a new year. 2019 promises to be spectacular in every way. I trust you have your goals lined up already and you have started on the path of achieving them. Last week I promised across my social media channels (WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn) that I’d be sharing some new, latest, and apt job application tips for 2019. I’m here to fulfil that promise.

This will be a series and I hope you follow through, share with friends and certainly, by God’s grace, someone will find a new and better job this year.

Let’s get on it! How to Apply for a job in 2019: 10 Rules that Work

How to Apply for a job in 2019: Rule No. 1

Always include a Subject of Email for every application

One of the first lessons some of my colleagues (me inclusive) leant from my amiable boss, Lekan Olude, was to never send an official email without a subject. And even if you did out of error, resend that same email with the appropriate subject of the email. Every application you send via email is official. Always include a subject of email for every job application you make.

Also, do not make the subject your name or something else other the job title of the role you’re applying for. For instance, some of the CVs I have received over the past 3 months have had either (no subject) or the candidates’ name, ‘Fayose’s CV’ or ‘Tinubu’s Resume’ as the subject.

Recruiters receive tons of CVs every day via email and they do not really have time to go through all CVs in a day because of the several roles they’re filling. What’s more, they have to beat deadlines and deliver very qualified candidates’ CVs to their clients (the employers). They do not have the patience to go through any CV application that has no subject of the email or whose subject of the email is something else other than the job title of the job advertised for.

It is worthy of note to mention that some notable job boards in Nigeria are aware of this fact. For indirect job applications, CVs are sent to employers with email subjects that depicts the job a candidate has applied for. For instance, Jobberman ensures that employers get notifications for every application made on job posts using both candidate name and job title for quick and easy identification.

So, this year 2019, apply rightly for jobs, get your CV noticed quickly and don’t get lost in tons of applications for a job; use an email subject and ensure it is the job title of the job vacancy applied for.

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I shall drop another rule tomorrow (or before the week runs out) so, stay tuned. Thank you for reading. If you need to share with a friend, you do not need permission to do so!


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