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How I changed my career from Physics to Growth Marketing

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How I changed my career from Physics to Growth Marketing

Many people reach out to me here on to know how I made a sharp switch from physics to growth marketing.

Most would like to do something different but do not know how.

I tell them these 6 things :

1. Know there is nothing abnormal about switching careers. As your goals, priorities, and ambitions shift, so can what you’re looking for in a job. Especially when you no longer find fulfillment, or at the very least, excitement in what you do.

2. Ask a lot of questions. The only foolish question is the one you never get to ask.

3. Learn from the best. Mentorship will be of significant help as you work your way up the corporate ladder.

4. Build a valuable network within your new industry. Just a single text, call, or email to the right person may instantly create opportunities you’d have never had.

5. Identify and fill gaps in your skill set. Take courses, seek developmental programs, get certifications and build competencies.

6. Go for it.


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