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How to Host an Alcohol-Free Office Party


How to Host an Alcohol-Free Office Party

Being the owner or manager at any business takes a lot of strength and skill. You must put the needs of everyone in the workplace on the frontline. There are many business tasks to accomplish, but everyone still wants to have a work-friendly environment as well. This is possible and you can make that happen. For instance, you may have some employees who have an addiction, maybe they have gone to or need to go to addiction rehab and they can’t be around alcohol. How will you hold a work event? Well, there are many tips to having an exciting alcohol-free office party that all will love.

Let Everyone Know Ahead of Time

The most important part of hosting an alcohol-free office party is to let everyone know ahead of time, there will be no alcoholic beverages allowed. You can make a note of this when writing out the invitations. You should also be sure to include the social and fun things will be happening at the party. This will motivate employees to come, even without alcohol, and everyone will see, they can have a great time while sober.

Fun Activities

If you are going to host an alcohol-free office party, make it fun. One thing many employees dread is going to an office party that is going to be dull and boring. Many employees may not even want to show up if there isn’t alcohol involved. However, you can make it worth it for them. You can make a schedule for the office party full of fun games with raffle tickets. Many sober office parties have gift drawings and prizes. You can have karaoke and dance-offs. This is just the beginning. There are so many other fun activities you can have to keep your office party alcohol-free.

Plenty of Non-Alcohol Drink Options

If you are going to be hosting an alcohol-free office party, you need to give the guests plenty of tasty drink options. You can find many non-alcoholic drink options online and in recipe books. You can make many amazing lemonade recipes. Those are often a huge hit at office parties. There are also many pop mix drinks you can make that have an excellent taste as well. Check out some options and pick at least 5 of them for your next office party.

Have a Variety of Music

Want to have the greatest alcohol-free office party of all time? Who doesn’t love some great music? If you have a variety of music, this can get more people to your party and encourage some bonding as well. Research shows that music helps people to create healthy bonds with each other. It gets people conversing and spending time with one another. You could even have a playlist with employees listing which songs they would like to hear next. It may even be fun to get a karaoke machine or a DJ for your office party as well.

Serve Lots of Food

Food – who doesn’t love it? There are so many different types of food options out there. You could even direct your office party around a certain type of food such as American, Mexican, Italian or another type of food. You could serve a little bit of everything. If you wanted to go all out, you could have appetizers, entrees, side dishes and desserts all on a menu for employees to choose from. You could also go with a buffet option which most people enjoy too.

Take the Party Elsewhere

If you are wondering whether employees will show up to an alcohol-free office party in the building, take the party elsewhere. There are so many brilliant ideas for having an office party without alcohol. You could host the office party at a theme park, game room, laser tag environment, go-kart race park or somewhere else fun. It might seem a bit out of the norm to have an office party outside of the work environment. However, it can promote a lot of employee bonding, create better communication between your employees and allow everyone to have a lot more fun as well.

Have an Employee vs. Employer Tournament

Want another fun alcohol-free office party idea? Try having an employee vs. employer tournament. This could bring about a lot of laughter, bonding and better connections between employees and employers as well. Who doesn’t love a little bit of healthy competition? You could have an office party poker tournament. You could hold a triathlon or a sports tournament. Think about all the great memories which could be made. If everyone loves it, you could make it an annual workplace tradition.

Go Biking or Rollerblading

If you want to host an alcohol-free office party, you could also have all the employees and employers go biking or rollerblading together. This encourages physical activity which promotes better focus and productivity in the workplace and it encourages social connections as well. Biking and rollerblading can be tons of fun, get everyone outdoors and help everyone to get to know each other better too.

Take a Camping Trip

You could also take your employees on a camping trip. This can be fun for everyone. It gets everyone out in nature, creates bonds and lets everyone enjoy each other’s company. Camping can be an exciting way to get employees and employers together. You can even play life skill building games while there too.

Yes, for many employers, it can be tough to host an alcohol-free office party. However, due to many legal restrictions nowadays and the fact that so many people suffer from an alcohol addiction, the safest bet is to host office parties without alcohol. This doesn’t mean that you and your employees can’t still have fun. There are many fantastic alcohol-free office party ideas as you read about here today. This is just the start. Each year, you may come up with more ideas of your own as well.

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