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Here’s A Padded Career Question for You


Here’s A Padded Career Question for You

For the records… this is not a financial budget question and it has nothing to do with the recent debacle in the Nigerian House of Assembly Nahhhh! 😀

It’s something different and as the title suggests, it’s related to work, to your career.

So friends, welcome to the month of September.

The year is almost coming to an end; just three months and some days and we shall bid 2016 goodbye and plunge into 2017 ready to take it by the horns.

But before then, I’m sure questions like “Have I achieved at least half of my goals this year?” or “What’s left on my list to achieve before 2017?” may be dancing on my mind right now or must have bridged your thoughts before now. Certainly, they are good questions.

But I’ll like to add one more (or pad the whole question thingy)…

And that is:

“When Will You Tune Your Instruments”


Yes! When Will You Tune Your Instruments?

Earlier this year 2016, I shared with you how you could achieve your goals in three sharp ways. If you missed it, you can find it here. I believed many followed the guidelines and it worked (or is working) for them. Is it working for you?

James Hudson Taylor asked: “Do you have your concert and tune your instrument afterwards…?”

And I want to ask you: When Will You Tune Your Instruments for 2017?

I know the question may be too early, but I’ve got to ask and here’s what I have in mind.

In 2014, one of my goals for 2015 was to have a professional paid training in Human Resources to prepare me for professional exams in the same field. But I procrastinated. 2015 was almost coming to an end and that meant my professional exams occupied another item on my 2016 list.

But I thought to myself, if I must take this exam in 2016, 2015 is the best time to have a foundation knowledge on this subject. So late in December 2015, I enrolled for the training, got the foundation I needed and awaited 2016.

Yes! I tuned my instrument. I put something in place for something else to take place. I could go forth for the professional exams without the training. But I could not let it slide away; I needed it!

Imagine having an idea that your musical instruments in church or for a concert are not well tuned and you are about to be called for performance. You would surely play. The strings will respond but what will be the output? Surely a different sound than what is intended.

The year is almost over! Tune the instruments for your next year goals.

Yours may not be a training or an exam. It could be to establish another branch of your business in a different location and you need a competent hand that must know the business/company culture and brand really well. Don’t you think now is the right time to hire that person and give him/her months to learn about company culture and brand before entrusting the management of a branch?

Do you have a relationship concern or you’re planning to tie the knot next year? Don’t you think it’s time to start searching and praying meaningfully for that purpose?

Or your national youth service ends next year and an industry requirement for your dream job is within your reach presently? Why not grab it now in preparation for job hunting when through?! Have you started applying for jobs already or do you want an Internship first? What are the companies you’ve considered?

Tune Your Instruments! Your career is part of your life. Your family and education play important roles in your career excellence. Begin now to put your bed properly for your 2017 big dreams. It is not too late.

Big dreams don’t just come through… they’re properly planned and prepared for!

Happy New Month!

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