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He Walked in NAKED! For the Love of CHANGE!!


He Walked in NAKED! For the Love of CHANGE!!

We all sat in looking quiet than ever. We all wanted something! Something we’ve longed for; something some have even paid for.

Some gave a bare smile to those who invited them and waited some more for the older chaps to vacate the hall – at least let’s know all the newbies in here. But one guy looked calm and he sat in front – I later got to know he’s a lawyer. Another was fiddling with his phone so dexterously one would conclude he’s a dancer – actually he’s a ‘break dancer’ (or whatever they’re called). As the time ticked, the air-conditioned hall was becoming tensed (at least for me)

Everything was about to get revealed. The ladies were excited (but never showed it); the guys were confident (but culled in the cave of fear)! Interestingly, none could let it out and we waited on for him.

Then something happened… The door snob turned, shrills went running down the tunnels of our hearts. We looked on! Some turned back to see who was to enter the door not taken for as long as what seemed like years. Swiftly, he walked in. Well built, handsome, lively, friendly and… (lips sealed)

He walked from the door through the nicely parted walkway onto the stage, turned, looked at us intently – while we watched in awe – and said “Welcome to OXYGEN ACADEMY everyone, my name is Ozone Mbanefo and I’m the founder of OXYGEN ACADEMY!”

His next few words made us realised that his nakedness was not actually of the body nor of the mind… His nakedness was of the true state of advertising in Nigeria and how he is consumed by the unflinching desire to grow the next breed of ad men that will change the industry and infiltrate the AD world in Nigeria to raise it to international standard. We could see through him. His exuded passion defined what we wanted and why we were seated at the hall.

Fourteen weeks down the lane..  

We wanted to get better at what we do; we wanted to be creative and change advertising on the long run. And truly, on this day, I’d say “OXYGEN ACADEMY is one of the best Advertising school you can ever be a part of in Nigeria. And it’s not just a school, it’s an experience that has placed many in their dream companies today. It has improved the way people work; the way they impact; the way they add value wherever they find themselves… the way young people think and solve problems whether in teams or individually.

For me, it is an experience that has helped improve on my skills as a Copy and Content Writer/Editor. I do my job differently and with much awareness of how effectively words can actually propel people to take action and see benefits of the decisions they are to take! We have fun and learn. We shred pressure and churn out the best of creatives. We take a piece and turn it into giant cheese!

We became AD MEN seasoned by the industry’s best.

See the video below for more testimonies…


Oxygen Academy is THE FIRST HANDS ON BRAND COMMUNICATIONS ACADEMY IN WEST AFRICA. This Nigerian creative training school is designed to bring the real everyday workplace experience of an advertising agency to every fresh graduate with a passion for advertising. It is an initiative by a team of seasoned Advertising professionals to selflessly grow new Admen and revolutionize the Ad world.

Students and graduates at the academy hardly refer to Oxygen as a school. They all call it an unforgettable experience.

The new session has started already! Hurry now and join the ever exciting class every Saturday. The outgoing class (our class) are about to be launched out

For admission email [email protected] or call 08139331381, 08174617574

Click this link for more details on Oxygen Academy.

02 Academy Lagos.
No 11/13 Jumat Olukoya Street Ogudu Ojota

Oxygen Academy Acegoals Pink Balling Acegoals O2 Academy O2 Academy Brain Storming                                             O2 AcademyCross SECTION O2 Academy

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1 Comment

  1. Caroline

    April 11, 2020 at 9:25 pm

    Nice write up John. Weldone!

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