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The Goldmine in Makeup Business and How to Start a Makeup Business


The Goldmine in Makeup Business and How to Start a Makeup Business

Most ladies like makeup but only few realise that the makeup business is a goldmine that is not yet fully tapped. Two of my friends are makeup artists and they’ve shared intriguing information and tips about makeup business with me. I find them intriguing because even they themselves have not full tapped into the goldmine of the makeup business. Simple ideas when nurtured and persistently developed into a serious affair can become a goldmine in months and years to come. So I’ll lay the bare facts about the makeup business, practical steps to making cash with the makeup business and how to start the makeup business.

Some Facts About the Makeup Business

  • The makeup business requires professional/vocational training. Whichever way, you must be trained; I mean well trained to be able to do a good, flawless job and be recommended to someone else.
  • The makeup business requires strict attention, focus, and extra personal skill which must be developed during or after the training.
  • The makeup business can bring in more than $100 (#15,000) per week even if you want to start small
  • The business gives you enough time and room for other personal business or professional work.
  • Depending on your depth of contact, you’ll sure have appointments frequently.

Practical Steps to Making cash with the Makeup Business

  • Make sure you have at least one appointment per week and the bargain should not be below what you worth (business wise). But for a start, you can gather more customers by subsidizing costs.
  • Do quality jobs for clients. Provide exceptional service and more customers will come
  • Convince your clients to recommend you to other potential clients. Definitely if you do a good job, recommendations will come naturally without you asking for them.
  • As time goes on, up your price and make your clients understand why by informing them on time and explaining the obvious reasons

How to start a Makeup Business

Now there are some things which you definitely have to put in place first (like business plan, cost of training, capital) before going with the suggestions below.

Get professional training

Get your business tools. Let it be different from your personal makeup business tools.

Build contact streams and how to reach out to them

Utilize the social media pretty much and make it a good source for clients e.g BBM contacts and sending a broadcast message to all concerning your business.

To appear more formal and professional chose a business name. It makes you a brand. Design a business card and give to friends and relatives

Build connections and good retention relationship that’ll ensure the jobs keep coming.

Send messages frequently to your clients and maintain the relationship

Make sure your tools are always available


There are lots of things you should do when starting a makeup business. The above is concentrated on the monetization angle. So set out today and start up with some training and you’re on your way into the goldmine of makeup business

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