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I Hire Candidates Best Qualified, not those with the Best Resume


I Hire Candidates Best Qualified, not those with the Best Resume

The gospel every recruiter and resume ‘money-maker’ is dispensing today is the need for a good and perfect resume. In fact, most candidates believe something is always wrong with their resume and google on a rampage with searches like ‘How to write a good Resume’ or ‘Good Resume samples for Human Resource Jobs’. They obviously rule out the fact that something might actually be wrong with them; the way they prepare themselves and the ‘many messages’ they send when they meet the interviewer.

You may have the best resume and yet not qualified enough. Getting a job easily and even sustaining same is more than just a resume. You might get the recruiter or Human Resources person to invite you for an interview but when the chips are down, everything becomes bare!

I am presently fully involved in the Growth and Employment (GEM) Project sponsored by the Federal Government in partnership with the World Bank to help Nigeria support Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) operating in different high potential sectors throughout the country. I’m working with over 15 clients to ensure they get the best candidates. For each position, at least, I’ve had to sit (or be on phone) with three to five candidates, that’s amounting to over 50 potential successful candidates.

I would not say I’ve seen it all. But what I’m certain about is how the following points below can get anyone a job easily even without having a fantastic resume.


Generally, how you present yourself matters. What you think about the job you’re interviewed for also matter. Also, if you will not show up for the interview or you’re running late, let the contact person know via call or email.


Even if the salary for the position is just N20,000, show energy and drive. Do not present yourself as someone begged to accept the job or someone who already has a N1 Million salary job waiting in the pipeline. It’s even better you reject the interview invite. Do not show up moody and looking so disinterested in the job. That way, your interview ends quickly!

Natural Professionalism

Just be professional. Chat professionally. Show professional humour. Comport yourself and be open towards corrections and advice. How you behave during the interview is surely how you’d behave when you’re employed. Though you could change/hide it or put up a show, but trust good recruiters/HR managers, series of questions will fetch the real you out!

I look forward to writing more about the GEM Project recruitment experience once the whole onboarding process has been done with. There’s so much I’ve learnt and I intend to share soon

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