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Fashion is Business! Meet Nwafor Victoria Peace of NVP Fashion World


Fashion is Business! Meet Nwafor Victoria Peace of NVP Fashion World

The first thing that strikes you when you first meet her is her sense of humour and when it comes to fashion; She flaunts the original. The ‘ankara’ style being her ‘typique’. According to her, “I had always loved dressing up, looking good, combining good colours, and trying new things and styles…” 

Peace Nwafor VictoriaHer name is Nwafor Victoria Peace. Her smile gives her away as a beautiful, young lady in her early twenties or late teens. She is very industrious and can well combine African fabric with the latest trendy fashion in vogue to fit your style. Below is a chat with Peace, a small scale entrepreneur… 

First of all, I’ll like you to talk about two things in short notes…. About yourself and then about NVP Fashion World…

Who is the face behind NVP Fashion World?

My name is Nwafor Victoria Peace, the only girl in the family of 2. A student in yabatech, I have a passion for Fashion which led to the unveiling of NVP Fashion World.

NVP Fashion World is a fashion agency that has the love for African fashion. We have our clothing line, produce foot wares and accessories with lovely fabrics, like african fabric, English fabric and leather. Our organization is sub divided into two. One solely runs the fashion aspect where the work is done, the other one is solely on our empowerment scheme. In 2014, we launched an empowerment scheme to touch the lives of many in craft and skills.



Wow! That’s great!

Okay. Before we go over to the world of NVP, let’s chat about you

I just want to know…(out of curiosity) what’s the meaning of your surname (I presume) Nwafor?

Well, it means son of the soil

Okay 🙂


You have a passion for fashion… At what point before NVP came to be did you come to realise that

It’s been a while, I have always love dressing up, looking good, combining good colours, and trying new things and styles..

When did NVP come to be?

What year?


That means NVP should be 2 years this year


So how did it begin? The take off, branding, production? And to have been able to be up and running for 2 years, what convinced you that ‘this’ was going to work. Because these days many young people are scared and uncertain about going into the entrepreneurial lane for fear of a crash…

Well, I was in my ND 2, during a class in entrepreneurship development. The lecturer explained to us the meaning and aspects of the subject and how one can become an entrepreneur. So as I sat on the topic and deliberated. I realised that I could also become an entrepreneur, I had a passion and could work hard to turn it into a skill and make it a good business.

So I took on the challenge, got a name and designed my aims and objectives.


That’s great!

And that’s a good way of starting out that any other entrepreneur can follow.

In basic terms you’re simply trying to underscore the importance of the knowledge of WHAT YOU WANT TO DO than just having passion for it

And Education helped a lot…

True. My belief is that if youths can turn what they love doing into something of great benefit to them and the society, the world will be a better place

Now you said you are a student… Apart from your studies assisting you in fashioning a brand, in what other ways has it been of help? Some persons do not really believe in the importance of getting some education whilst working on their passion as an entrepreneur

Education exposes a person to knowledge outside the walls they live in, it widens the possibility we receive as an individual. Education reveals truth about entrepreneurship development, tells us success stories of those who have started before us and are making it.

Entrepreneurship is more than being self employed, it goes beyond buying and selling, it has tricks to learn and education is one best way of learning everything about it

Beautiful. Thank you very much… That is just awesome

Now, how has it been so far with the business and what are the basic channels via which you make your business known to the public and also make sales?

Business has been good so far, though challenging at time, but good results. The social media has been my basic channel for publicity and sales. I joined various business groups online, it has helped me reach a large number of people.


That’s good. Now let’s talk about the Empowerment Scheme and how you plan to drive it this year too

It was launched in 2014, and so far it has been a wonderful journey, lots of people were involved, youths, mothers, graduates, students. We are currently planning a business conference for women, all classes of women as long as they have the desire to succeed, the conference is to help them develop business idea and grow in business world. We also have in mind to create a craft studio where people can come in and learn all kinds of crafts and skills, develop them into business, thereby creating more job opportunities and also reducing unemployment

That’s nice. You said you’re currently planning for a business conference for women. What is it all about and at what time of the year with it be? You also talked about a craft studio/training; please throw more light.

The conference is a business seminar to help ladies know more about entrepreneurship development and how to grow in their business

The date has been moved to June with no exact date cos we are yet to finalize with the speakers but the selected speakers are women with great success stories, women who have grown high in business. They’ll be called to talk about their success stories, to encourage women and advice them on important things

As for NVP Fashion World Institute of Craft & Design, its kicking off on the 7th of March, where people can come in and learn various kinds of craft work, become entrepreneurs n graduate as certified C.E.Os. On the day of the graduation, NVP Fashion World will hold her first fashion show to display the craft works of the students in the Institute. Registration started today and it cost 1,500. Fee for each class is 10,000.


Wow! That’s huge… The plan is awesome!

Do you work solo or you work with a team?

I work solo, but this year, I’m forming a team to make this project a reality

That’s good move

So what is the strategic plan for now like? 5 years down the line at what level do you see NVP Fashion World?


God helping us, our aim is to be the best in our field and grow across the globe

 Okay. So two more things to wrap it up

1. Combining the whole of NVP Fashion World, what has been the challenges and how have you been able to surmount them? 

2. How have you been able to manage the business and your education and what advice do you have for other young people out their who have a small scale entrepreneurial passion?

My challenges has been mostly funding, because with less funds with me, I have not had access to some of the materials needed for the business. But there’s this saying that if you dream of something big, wake up and look for small ways to achieve it. So I found my way through things with the little I had.

Managing both (Education and Business) hasn’t been easy, but I know my priority and I drew my plans and schedule so I won’t have to clash both at any time.

And my advise to youths is that, they should not just wait till they leave college before they start up something useful, they can start today, start now. It will save us the stress of walking about with certificates looking for job. Let’s invest our time in entrepreneurship development, let’s look for wise means to be great in and for the society


Thank you very much for the time

Thank you too


For more information about Nwafor Victoria Peace or NVP Fashion World, you can reach her on

PHONE: 07088477056, EMAIL: [email protected] or on FACEBOOK – NVP Fashion World

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