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Easy and Best Ways on How to Get a Job after NYSC

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Easy and Best Ways on How to Get a Job after NYSC

Those years when I was still in school, my classmates and I would joke about this NYSC thing and in every sense of its reality. Our parents, from when we were kids would tell us that one day we would grow up, go to school, get into the university, become graduates and then get a good job. It is not until we started going through those phases that we realised that they left one part out of the storyline and that’s NYSC which stands for National Youth Service Corps.

NYSC has become the bane of many Nigerian graduates as well as a saving grace and successful scheme for others. Some Corps members waited until the eve of their passing out of the scheme (POP) to start thinking of what to do. Others waited till it remained one or two months. While some others had everything already planned out from the beginning even before they left their campuses for the NYSC camp.

Some already formed partnerships right from school and are just waiting till after the scheme to fully implement a joint business and some are entrepreneurs already right from school and just need to continue with what they’ve established for themselves. That’s one of the activities I encourage students to engage in today

Are you a student reading this or you’re about to conclude your NYSC program? Or do you have a friend or colleague that’s about to pass out of NYSC? Then kindly read and share these easy steps on how to get a job after NYSC.

Start Applications 6 Months Before the end of your NYSC year. I left my PPA (place of Primary Assignment) on February 20, 2013 and by Friday March 1, 2013 I attended an interview. I was called on Monday to begin work on Tuesday, March 5, 2013. Exactly what did I do, you may want to ask. I started early applications right from October, 2012. I started my job search applications 4 months before I passed out of the scheme.

During the last month of my service year (February, 2013) at the NCCF (Nigerian Christian Corpers Fellowship) Delta State Chapter Conference, a Zone Coordinator (passing out that same year) gave a testimony of how he has already secured employment in a Tech firm. While another ‘POP mate’ returned from Lagos to join us for the programme; he had travelled to Lagos few days before for an interview with Chevron Nigeria Limited.

I could go on and on just to convince you. The persons I mentioned (myself inclusive) did not start job applications a week or a month before passing out of NYSC; we started very early and so did many others. One of the advantages of starting early is because some recruitment processes of certain firms take months before they choose their candidates while some firms want hot, fresh graduates with NYSC experience and if you are the right candidate, they will surely wait for you to complete your service year (which may take just a month or weeks to conclude after the interview and test processes must have been done)

Connect and Network starting from the first day you set a foot on the orientation camp ground through to the Passing Out Parade Ceremonies. Do not form shyness or fresh boy or big classy girl while on camp or at your PPA or at the closing ceremonies. Try as much as possible to extend a hand of connection to fellow Corps members as well as receive someone else’s hand of connection or network. Whoever you are, your strength and quality of your network determines (on a long or short run) your net worth in life. Anybody can be of help to you and you can equally be of help to others. Never play down the opportunity of quality connection to people because this way many have assumed office even without following the right protocols to securing a job. Your bunk mate today may be the son of a Senator or CEO whose office you may be in tomorrow for an interview.

Prepare and Build Yourself for aptitude tests, interviews and your basic marketing tool – your CV. At the point of being in the NYSC programme, only entry level or Graduate Trainee jobs will be of interest to you because you may have no concrete, relevant or cognate experience yet. 80% to 90% of the very good graduate jobs require that you write an aptitude test as the first stage of the recruitment process. And they’re from top consulting or oil and gas companies. Even Federal Government jobs require that you write a test. So what will it be? It is better you start preparations early. Get the GMAT and study the questions. I did not study or prepare for such and that’s why the NIMC test I took (on 28th February, 2013) did not go well. That was two days before I received a mail for another interview on February 28 last year.

Build yourself as well. Take due advantage of the different professional courses that may be open to you during your NYSC year because that’s one of the best times to get professionally certified in your field of study. Choose the right one because quite a few are approved in Nigeria.

Put together a good CV too. Some organisations can write a professional CV for you while some career blogs have that service come up once in a while. Follow this website by subscribing via mail, liking our Facebook fan page, following us on Twitter, or simply subscribing to our BBM channel (C002BB5B9) and you’ll be the first to know about such free service.

The steps highlighted so far are quite easy. As part of step 1, you can make a list of reputable jobs websites to subscribe to and get important jobs apps installed on your phone for easy access to, and notifications about relevant available jobs. Kindly let that corper next door know about this article by sharing it and sending the link to a friend just about to go for NYSC. Thanks!

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