DAYSTAR Skills Acquisition Programme (DSAP) May Not Hold This June, 2017

The DAYSTAR Skills Acquisition Programme (DSAP) holds three times a year, but this year, we might have just two: February (already held) and October, 2017.

Due to the many inquiries Acegoals got concerning DSAP holding this June 2017, we decided to contact the organisers as there has been no public or official announcement on the registration.

A call put through to the contact number for DSAP revealed that The DAYSTAR Skills Acquisition Programme (DSAP) might not hold this June because it is undergoing a restructuring in order to deploy better vocational course training packages and impact more participants.

However, potential participants and interested persons should put ears to the ground for more information should the organisers, Daystar Christian Centre, decide to carry on with the June edition of DSAP.

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Below is the calendar of events for the Daystar Christian Centre. It has the dates for The DAYSTAR Skills Acquisition Programme (DSAP) for 2017



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