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Dialogue in the Dark Alley


Dialogue in the Dark Alley

So here’s my own ‘Dialogue in the Dark Alley’. It is one of my answers to an interview test question for Copywriting and Content writing. It was actually challenging in conceptualizing the idea before writing but I’m glad I did even if I did not answer the whole questions for the interview before the deadline.

Sprung through the month on April half roll, the night whispers soothing tons of serene grenades as could be heard from miles far ahead. The snippet adventure for Mufta and Tuuer ends abruptly. Their purrs take a pang off their breath. Tuuer could see the fear in her Man’s eyes. They take a sudden turn off the road into an alley for refuge.
Tuuer: [with a shaky voice] who do you think they are? Are they the army?
Mufta: Let’s move quickly, later we’ll know [he tries to think as they make their way almost towards the other end of the alley]
Tuuer: [without a response she followed his lead, hand in glove. But she heard a sound just behind] Wait! I heard something…
[A sound of trucks could be heard just ahead with men giving commands of “place them well. We’re taking all. None should be left inside”]
Mufta: I did too! Tuee…run! Run! They’re coming in front! They’ll take us… run!
[Tuuer ran back but into the arms of a frightening figure. Mufta stumbles against a stone and falls, unconscious. The next morning, the dailies read “1 DEAD, 276 GIRLS KIDNAPPED IN CHIBOK”]

Thanks for reading, I hope you understood it . Now the concept is built around the abduction of the young school girls that happened months ago in Nigeria. I tried to build a dialogue around a girl making out with her boyfriend that same night and at the same time unaware of the abduction going on but only bumped into it and became victims. Their dialogue in the alley tries to capture the fear and inner survival of the horror of that night before the girl was captured and the boy died.
One thing you should know when writing such story is that it must be a dialogue, it must be short, it must be fear induced, it must be in the dark and may not end in a particular conclusion. You may leave the reader to decipher the rest of the story or the roundup of the plot.

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