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How to Change your Career from Unsuitable to Suitable


How to Change your Career from Unsuitable to Suitable

So many people in this world are afraid of producing a change in their life when change is actually an inevitable process which helps us evolve. This is what makes life interesting. Imagine a world in which nothing ever happens, where every day is the same.

It wouldn’t be so nice without all the thrills and chills that come with change, would it? You see, change is good, it is our power to do something about almost any situation we dislike. We can make everything better once we take the decision to change, so by taking it we have already won.

Therefore, the first step would be to stop being so afraid of change, to stop living in fear, especially when your happiness is at stake. You shouldn’t live your life in compromise just because that job provides you a convenient amount of money. There’s more to life than this.

Because we know that escaping from fear may be harder than ever, in today’s post, we’re presenting you our 6 steps guide towards changing your career from unsuitable to suitable.

1. Acknowledge and Evaluate Your Current Situation

As Stephany Richards, the HR manager at an assignment helper company states, “The most important thing you have to do before you make a change is to make sure that this is what you truly want. If your life choices led you to choose a career for money and not for your passion, it is normal to feel frustrated or to lack the motivation to come and do your job.”

If you are in this situation, let me remind you that you can do something about it. It is never too late to make a change. Or, do you really want to live the rest of your life in these circumstances?
However, if you find it hard to make a choice, you can make a list of pros and cons about it. After that, your answer should be really obvious.

2. Identify Your New & Perfect Career

Now that you finally decided to take action is time to wonder about your dream job and find the one that will suit your lifestyle best.

Many people already have something in mind or even a plan B, but this is not a rule so it’s okay to feel uncertain about what your new career should be.

The best place to start your investigation is with an aptitude test as they will examine your personality traits and your interests, so they can make a list of possible jobs that will suit both your passions and your abilities.

But, you can always do this by yourself. Just ask yourself the right questions like “What have I always liked to do?” or “What have I been always good at?”. Do your researches on the skills and passions you noted down and find your best career change.

3. Take Advantage of All Your Transferable Skills

First, you need to detect and establish all transferable skills that you might possess. Think of all the skills that can be utilized to sustain your career switch. Start from your academic background and see what skills you achieved until your current job included.

Imagine what responsibilities, duties, and requirements you’ll need to fulfill your new role and simply see how many you already possess.

Going through this process is necessary for it takes you from having an irrelevant background to having skills that get you hired.

4. Continue Your Education and Gain Relevant Work Experience

If your life path never had the chance to cross all the skills required, you’ll need a bit of patience and start gaining knowledge in that way. Not everyone is supposed to be trained for everything, and that’s exactly why nowadays you can take courses for almost everything.

Now, the real problem everyone encounters what they want to switch careers is the relevant experience part. You see, many employers hesitate to hire workers with no relevant work experience.

Here’s what you can do about this matter:

  • Take a second job that will gain your relevant work experience.
  • Create your website and start doing freelance work to put yourself in a relevant background.
  • Volunteer for a non-profit organization with duties relevant to your desired job.

5. Hire a Career Coach and Haunt the Best Company

All this work might easily overwhelm someone who barely keeps up with his actual job and personal responsibilities. Therefore, you might not want your eyes to skip the option of hiring a career coach. Doing so will also increase your success rate as he is a professional.

Even if you hired or not a professional, you must start your research on every company in your desired expertise, so you can be sure it would be a pleasure to work for them.

Moreover, look for companies that are interested in passionate and driven candidates as there will be bigger chances to hire one from a different background.

6. Write/Re-write Your CV and Take the Interview

All the work you’ve been through until now, switching your career, was all so you can have what to sell in your CV. Your curriculum vitae will determine your hiring rate, and that’ exactly why we’re letting you a CV step-by-step guide.

Once your brilliant CV passed through the company’s recruitment system, you must prepare for your job interview. Do your homework about the company’s culture and products, don’t be too intrusive, have the right answers and questions with you, and be passionate and confident.


I never said that change is easy. It’s not even supposed to be. The great and important things in life never come easy. Hard work is required, but what is a period of hard work when the rest of your life’s happiness is at stake?

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