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Q&A: ‘Can You Have a CV before Finishing Your NYSC?’

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Q&A: ‘Can You Have a CV before Finishing Your NYSC?’

Hello there! And welcome to a new day. Since the inception of I’ve been having career related questions popping in from different quarters especially from referral search visits

So I think its time to initiate a question and answer section concerning job search tips, interviews, CV, career etc and I’ll try as much as possible to answer them. Possibly, I’ll develop the questions from search engines into short notes and proffer possible solutions or pretty much share links where you can get answers from.

So if you’ve got any question or concern that you’d want me to throw to the audience whilst providing answers, kindly use the contact form or simply drop your question using the comment box at the end of this article.

Now, first off, let’s deal with the question at hand ‘Can You Have a CV before Finishing Your NYSC?’

The best time to have or write a CV is when you are starting off your NYSC because, like I opined in one of my articles, ‘Easy and Best Ways on How to Get a Job after NYSC‘ you need to start sending applications six months towards the end of your service year. Every ‘corper’ is advised to have a CV if you are planning to apply for job vacancies. There are many mistakes job seekers make and this is one of them: waiting or going through the NYSC service year without a CV.

It is authentic fact that most university undergraduates already have their resume/CV before they go for NYSC. Often times it is because they’ve had to go for six months or one year internship as required by their course. And before they are employed in a really structured work environment, they’ll have to provide a CV except, of course, there’s a strong network/connection in house and only the IT letter is needed.


YES! You can and you should have a CV before concluding your NYSC

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