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Be your Own Boss; Take Advantage of the IT Sector in Africa


Be your Own Boss; Take Advantage of the IT Sector in Africa

In a moment of reflection about the IT Sector in Africa, one comes to terms about how IT is being utilized by e-commerce giants and the technology companies. The IT sector has improved immensely in Africa and has taken job search and recruitment to the next level, yet more has to be done and the ordinary citizen populace (working and non-working class) can take advantage of this.

In one of my chats in a forum, someone wrote something that I wish you as well should take a look at. Its inspiring and for both the working class and those who will be gainfully employed in few days, weeks, or months. Here goes the write up…

I had a lengthy conversation with a friend of mine, we were talking generally about how things can be improved in IT sector in Africa.

Just two weeks ago I was told this “Nigerians are great, but they just don’t know it” If Nigerians put half of their years of education in entrepreneurship, Nigeria would have been one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world. According to statistics, 68% of Nigeria is literate, considering you don’t have to be a literate to be a successful Nigerian, so having some kind of literacy should be a massive plus.

But in Nigeria we have this sub-culture thingy going on, where people had been negatively brainwashed from early age (that one have to be educated to become somebody or before one can be accepted in the society). This is not true and it has never been true, because we know the histories of the founders of these companies Apple, Amstrad, Microsoft etc But today you are probably using one of their products or services, so if you know their stories very well you will quickly realise that we’ve always been fed with rubbish.

Just look around you, 8 in 10 people will tell you that they know at least one or two graduate friends unemployed. In western countries education is not by force you know and it has never been because there are always other things to venture into, like sports or what ever you feel that you are good at.

We need to learn to be creative in Nigeria, instead of wasting time searching for jobs that will probably not happen, you see, everybody in Nigeria want to be employed, It’s like people don’t want to be creative at all by the time you waited 2, 3 years if not more to get employment, you would have started something that is sufficient enough to feed you or something.

Wasting time applying for jobs put a huge strain on jobs that barely exist anyway. Otherwise what would you call it (1 vacancy, over 300 applicants), it’s ridiculous. I mean how many “Oga Sirs” are you going to kiss or bribe to get a job that you are not even guaranteed?

As some people would have realised now, they can now make money online, doing one thing or the other. As a matter of fact online puts more money in people’s pockets than overall and it’s a fair system, because you only get what you put in.

To back the popular opinion, it is true, we have this one way traffic thing going on. Everybody want to copy every body “word for word” and “look for look”, there is nothing wrong in being motivated, but it’s completely unacceptable in this digital age to go out of your way, searching for a clone of a website that you like, what’s the point? You can copy stuffs, but you can’t copy the mechanics of it, because one is a successful website does not mean that, copying it’s templates, layouts etc will make you a Kobo or get you any member.

So you need to be creative, find your own niche, pay attention to details and seek assistance from people that had been in your shoes. Work hard and be patient, don’t expect results at early stage, as you know, Rome was not built in a day”. Kill your pride and make more friends of similar interest. Don’t ever think because you know a bit about blogging or how to setup a blogger account, you know it all.

So, go out and be creative, if you know how to create anything go ahead, grow wings, spread it and fly. Just think that if more people can be creative in Nigeria, unemployment rate will be hugely reduced, which will be a massive boost to the economy.

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