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This is the Best Self-Appraisal for Every Employee

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This is the Best Self-Appraisal for Every Employee

Every well-structured workplace biannually assesses her employees to determine performance level and growth of her workforce. In most cases, employees are meant to appraise themselves first before they are assessed by their supervisors.

I recently got a chat message concerning a story of a little boy who wanted to know how well he fared in his present job. He is not an employee of a structured company per say but the essence of what he did passes a lot of message.

A little boy went into a drug store, reached for a soda carton and pulled it over to the telephone. He climbed onto the carton so that he could reach the buttons on the phone and proceeded to punch in seven digits (phone numbers). The store-owner observed and listened to the conversation.

Boy: ‘Lady, Can you give me the job of cutting your lawn?

Woman: (at the other end of the phone line): ‘I already have someone to cut my lawn.’

Boy: ‘Lady, I will cut your lawn for half the price of the person who cuts your lawn now.’

Woman: I’m very satisfied with the person who is presently cutting my lawn.

Boy: (with more perseverance): ‘Lady, I’ll even sweep your curb and your sidewalk, so on Sunday you will have the prettiest lawn in all of Palm Beach, Florida.’

Woman: No, thank you.

With a smile on his face, the little boy replaced the receiver. The store-owner, who was listening to all this, walked over to the boy.

Store Owner: ‘Son… I like your attitude; I like that positive spirit and would like to offer you a job.’

Boy: ‘No thanks.’

Store Owner: But you were really pleading for one.

Boy: No Sir, I was just checking my performance at the Job I already have. I am the one who is working for that lady I was talking to!’

After reading the piece above, I sincerely asked myself, aside from the targets and all, would my employer do away with me if someone else could provide the same services but for less the salary I am paid?

Now ask yourself the same question.

At the end of the day, it is not just how good you are at your job or how much you bring in daily, your mindset, attitude and approach to challenges matter a lot at the workplace.

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  1. Caroline

    July 27, 2018 at 9:50 am

    nice write up John. Thumps up

  2. Nwogu Vivian

    July 27, 2018 at 4:33 pm

    Lovely piece. Quite insightful.

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