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Be careful of the bounce: 3 ways you can see a layoff coming


Be careful of the bounce: 3 ways you can see a layoff coming

No one likes to hear the word ‘layoff’. No one likes a taste of it either. In fact, I bet doing keyword research on it would turn out a diving hill for the numbers. But layoffs happen and believe me, it’s scary.

Two hours before setting out to writing this piece I was on the PlayStation 3 game, on a football match with my younger bro and a catch by my Goalkeeper guarding the “string lane” to the back of the post flashed a memory.

I was at a football training years ago in preparation for a match and I was the goalkeeper. A long ball from the other extreme had been made towards me. I rushed at it hoping the ball would have one more bounce before clutch it but alas, it bounced right in front and then over me! I’ve let a goal in!!!

At that point, I knew my team had conceded a goal. Right then I knew to miss that bounce was a concession that saw me dejected because my race to retrieve was futile.

It is possible to see a layoff coming to a tiny per cent of the time. That ‘tiny’ per cent is what I’d explore today.

3 ways you can see a layoff coming

1. When the appraisals say so

This is the surest sign but not the end of the road. Once you get this bounce, focus your energy at a retrieval before strategizing how to make the game better

2. When the big office is silent

So, the appraisals are at an average or even good but you get no reprimand or praise for your errors or wins respectively, then something else is cooking, be careful. There could still be praised hurled at you, but, be careful still. When the management keeps quiet at your errors or does nothing to help you correct them, just be sure that it has been noted and not muted

3. When your performance is predictable… negatively.

There may be some lows for one or two or even three months but when a negative performance is predictable on a six months range on you, that’s a bounce that may get over you, be careful! Prove the records wrong. You can do this! You manager can be the sole driver of the predictions and the management is just a magnifying glass because when the chips are down… you may concede many goals.

Final Words

Conclusively, this is just a very short charge. There are many ways to see a layoff coming, be careful of them and turn the tide around. Sometimes, a layoff could just be a ‘lay forth’ for your next assignment. When the ball bounces off you, it may not be against your post but your opponent’s. Simply do the Maradona style – a sharp turn and sprint towards the ball – give it your best shot and take control.

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