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Age, Salary, and Benefits of the Commonwealth Young Professional Programme

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Age, Salary, and Benefits of the Commonwealth Young Professional Programme

On November 26, 2014, I made a post about the openings available for the Commonwealth Young Professional Programme sponsored by the British government and a lot of persons were glad that such opportunity is made public for young African professionals especially West Africa. Recently I sort to know more about the programme and as a result of my search and discovery, I realised that some information available to the public needed to be explained as it involves and affects your career. Here are important facts you need to know about the Commonwealth Young Professional Programme


As you may have been aware, the minimum age for the Commonwealth Young Professional Programme is 27 years or under at the time applications close. Now it is important that one is wise here about the implications of this and how to time the applications. Though the whole recruitment process is to take six (6) months (November 2014 – April 2015), all the positions have their respective closing dates. 3 positions are already closed. So what this means is that at the TIME applications for a respective position closes, you must be 27 years of age or below; you must not be older. If you’ll be older than 27 years, even by one day, before the application you’re waiting for opens, I will suggest you look for another application you’re qualified for that will accommodate your age before time runs out.

Family Members

Like almost all multinational and indigenous firms have a policy that states that immediate family members cannot be employed at the same time in a firm, so is the policy for Commonwealth Young Professional Programme. Candidates will be subject to the Commonwealth Young Professional Programme Secretariat’s employment policy with reference to the non-employment of immediate family members (spouse, child or sibling). This means planning to inform your siblings about the programme is good but if you and possibly one other family member is eventually selected, one of you will have to withdraw for the other.


At first when I was putting together the first post about the Commonwealth Young Professional Programme, I saw something I thought was the salary to be £2,500 per annum but on seeking for more information recently, I realised it is £28,500 per annum. In the local currency, especially the Nigerian naira, the salary for the Commonwealth Young Professional Programme translates to N8,124,966 per annum (N677,080 per month) and this is paid on or after 25th of every month. This is gross salary. It therefore behooves you to decide if you’re in for the pay before you put out that application

Termination of Appointment

Yes! Your appointment can be terminated even during or after probation which lasts for six months. This means you have to work really hard to be retained after probation. Its not a good experience if you are not able to scale through the probation period and have to return to your home country to begin over again or continue where you dropped off before the programme commenced.

Career Prospects

The programme only lasts for two years and after that you return to your home country. You can only go back to the UK for any other appointment after six months. This spells well for your career since you can seek another employment either in your home country or in the UK. Working with the British Government under the Commonwealth Young Professional Programme and in the relevant role is a good thing for your career and can secure you quick and easy entry into another company of your choice both home and abroad.

It’s of no use planning to go for a journey you’ve not embarked on before without having directions or a map to follow or guide you. The purpose of this article to for information dissemination. You can get more information on salary, age and benefits of the Commonwealth Young Professional Programme. Kindly do a friend a favour and share this post it shall be useful. Thank you for reading.

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