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How His Actions Got Her Sacked – Did He Do The Right Thing?


How His Actions Got Her Sacked – Did He Do The Right Thing?

Yesterday I wanted to get some ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) for my car, so I pulled over at a Mobil petrol station along Okota road to get some but I couldn’t get in due to the fact that cars were all over the place trying to get fuel.

So in order not to cause a traffic jam I pulled into a shopping centre adjacent to the petrol station. My mother-in-law who was with me opted to go get it for me while I waited in the car because I parked behind another car. She came back with the ATFs but told me that she didn’t understand why the shop attendant sold the oil to her for N900 instead of the N850 that was boldly written on it.

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She challenged the young lady about the discrepancies between the (900 and 850) prices…..but was quickly told by the attendant that that N900 is the price and ended the conversation with “Mummy I cannot cheat you.”

So I took one of the ATFs went back to the station while my mother-in-law waited in the car for me. I asked to see the manager, when I saw him I asked him how much their ATF is. He told me N850. I asked him why the attendant is selling it for N900? He was shocked and surprised, he took me to see the owner of the petrol station whom I narrated my ordeal to.

He promptly apologised and took me to confront the attendant who was so shocked and embarrassed to answer why she was selling products above the recommended official retail price. Anyway, she was sacked on the spot (all because of N350) that she made from me because I bought 7 ATFs.

Trouble is: when you attend a job interview and you end up stabbing the boss of the company! This job candidate just got into one.

Believe it or not, some people were busy cursing me and saying am a very wicked man for reporting her to her bosses and that why didn’t I just settle it quietly with her instead of getting her sacked. One even told me that “Oga you no no say Na where person dey work e dey chop?”

Now this is the problem with Nigeria and some Nigerians, we are quick to condemn and curse the likes of Alex Badeh, Sambo Dasuki, Deziani and the rest of them but the things (CORRUPTION) we do to ourselves every day is just as worse as what these individuals do to our national treasury.


Editor’s Note

Did he do the right thing? Is it possible that the lady could have been threatened and the coveted cash returned?

I think even when the money is returned by the lady, another customer would be a victim and the act/cycle/menace just keeps going on…

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