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Achieving Success is just Giving ‘A Little More Push!’


Achieving Success is just Giving ‘A Little More Push!’

This is a post by David Ogunyemi

A little more push, a little more effort, a little more patience a little more practice, a little more meditation, a little more reading, a little more prayer… and success beacons at us! All these statements mean different things to different people but those who understand the language of achieving excellence and success will know they all mean the same thing and yield the same result which is excellence and in other words success. If we are to speak in mathematical terms we will say ‘A little more + X = Excellence where X is the variable  u can substitute X with any of push, effort, patience, practice, meditation, prayer, etc  you will always get the same result.

If we take a critical look at people who have distinguish themselves by achieving excellence and success in their fields, we will actually see that they are not really very far away from those who have achieved average success. There is just a little gap between distinction and average. For example in golf, the top players average 27 putts per round and the average player 32 per round, similarly in baseball if you hit the ball 270 times for every thousand plate appearances you will be an average player but if you hit the ball 320 times per thousand you will be hailed as one of the league’s best . Let’s look at athletics in the recent commonwealth’s games, Glasgow 2014. In the 100 meters final, Blessing Okagbare of Nigeria won Gold in 10.85 seconds, Veronica Cambel of Jamaica came second in 11.03 seconds and Gloria Asumnu of Nigeria came eight(last) in 11.41seconds.  we can see that the difference between the person who won Gold and the one who came last was actually less than 1 second (11.03-10.85)=0.18 seconds

The current 100 meters world record set by Usain Bolt in Berlin 2009 stands at 9.58 seconds it will shock you to know that the average person between the age of 18-30 can run the 100 meters in 13 seconds without much training therefore all it take to be a world champion is to try to make yourself run faster to complete 100 meters in 3.42 less time.

In academics too the difference between the first class student and the average student may just be a few hours of study or practice or just being a little more careful during examinations.

From this discovery I strongly believe that in whatever we do if we can just put in a little more than we normally put, we will be surprised at the level of success we will achieve.

We should always strive for more success. The hunger for more success should never be fully satisfied I will like to close this article with a song I learnt in primary school it says “Good Better Best I shall never rest until my good is better and my better best”.

David Damola Ogunyemi is a young and enterprising individual who has passion for writing, and believes Nigeria (his country), can be a great Nation. He is an inspirational writer.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Joseph

    August 15, 2014 at 10:26 am

    True talk kiddo… Kip it up am proud of u Damo!

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