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About Organo Gold and How to Earn Income from it


About Organo Gold and How to Earn Income from it

Opportunity, it is said, comes but once! But do you believe in that? Opportunities, of course are everywhere and as I’ve recently learnt Organo Gold is just one of such opportunities.

I had the rare privilege of having a chat with a graduate of Economics of the University of Ilorin who, in his own words, loves “freedom i.e time and financial freedom”. His name is Olayinka Akerinla and below is the chat we had and all you need to know about Organo Gold and how to make money from it if you are interested.

First of all I’ll like to meet you please
Who is Olayinka?

Well Olayinka is just a simple and dedicated guy, that love making people happy. I’m an Economist, a product of ‘better by far’ University (Unilorin). I love freedom I.e time and financial freedom

You know people have been hearing about Organo Gold here Organo Gold there… So now that we know Olayinka, tell us briefly about Organo Gold and how you started with Organo Gold

Organo Gold began in Canada in early 2008, with the mission of bringing the treasures of the earth to the people of the world. By introducing a better coffee/tea and ganoderma health benefits to the world.

They started with a capital base of $2 million in 2008, it raised to $9 million in 2009, to $47 million in 2010, raised to $115 million in 2011, to $300 million in 2012, $400 million in 2013, with an estimation of $700 million in 2014
Within 2008 and now Organo Gold is in 36 countries in the world and Nigeria is the 36th country

So how did you start with Organo Gold

Before finding Organo Gold. I was down, not being able to pay bills when they were due. I was in search of that one opportunity that could liberate me from a financial mess. My current sponsor told me about Organo Gold opportunity. Though I was against MLM network marketing because of negative past experiences, I attended a presentation, but as I heard My crown Diamond David $40,000 income was possible, I had a redefining moment- an ‘if this guy can do it, I can do it’ moment

Wow! That’s great!
So the success of one man motivated you into the Organo Gold coffee business?

Not only that

Hmmm, Please tell us more…

Based on my research the highest earner in the history of network marketing worldwide come from this company his Holton Buggs by name. This is company that started in 2008 where are all the one’s we have known for more than 50 years
And the product involve make it unique I mean coffee and tea

That’s nice

So we know that people are sceptical about programmes like this and most times they find it difficult to actually ascertain what is scam and what is not. So how can someone really know the real Organo Gold from the numerous other networking programs out there. Where can info be sought from?

I will say we don’t give it what it takes most times
We are impatient seeing it as a job that pay us salary. But it’s a system, an asset that will turn to wealth
Again we only focus on selling the product involved. Whereas it’s not about selling, it’s that you use the product and tell everybody around you: the opportunity and benefit, health and financial wise

Why Organo gold is different from other’s platform we have known in Nigeria. Things someone should consider before joining a particular company is what I called the 3p’s
Product, plan I.e business plan and people behind the business.

That’s interesting

In terms of product we have Coffee and Tea the most consumed commodity on earth next to water, and the most traded commodity on earth next to oil

That is why a company like nestle is doing well in Nigeria Stock Exchange market. Even during the Economic crises they are able to pay dividend of N10 per share. Nestle Nigeria have the Highest share price because they are able to tap into the number 1 and 2 most consumed commodity: Water and Coffee

Our coffee is ganoderma coffee. Search ganoderma/any disease on google to see what doctors and researchers are saying about ganoderma and you’ll know what makes our product unique.

Okay. That’s nice. So you talked about product which I very much concur with. Now the PLAN…
How does Organo Gold work? What’s the plan at making the system a profitable venture for entrepreneurs and office workers?

Yes the plan is well designed in such a way that with little effort you can make a lot of money. Don’t get me wrong I don’t say you will make millions overnight o!

Our plan is the 3rd best worldwide

I understand. So let’s assume one gets into the system, how do one go about making returns or start making money as gradually as possible?

As soon as you are able to introduce 2 people you are good to go

Hmm.. Just like that?

It’s easy, it’s simple, it’s coffee

Okay… Just one more question

What advice do you have for those wishing to join Organo Gold. How can they be part of this programme and how can you be reached?

OLAYINKA: For those willing to join Organo Gold the best time to join is now!
For those of us that want a business without overhead cost and absolute risk free business that you can start good with token and even with your very busy schedule, this is the right opportunity for you.

To reach Olayinka: Call +2348032169002, 08171165979 or add him on BB (2A37E173) for enquiries

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