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A Plea to the Emir of Kano


A Plea to the Emir of Kano

This is a guest post by David Ogunyemi.

On 06/06/2014———– I was shocked and sad when I read online that the former emir of Kano in Nigeria, HRH Ado Bayero had passed away, I was really sad because I realized the good   people of Kano and indeed Nigeria had lost a fine noble man a great leader and a peace maker at a time our country needs such a leader but God knows best. Ado Bayero was one of Nigeria’s longest reigning monarchs and a very charismatic leader that was loved and revered by his people thus the eulogy “Ado dan Abudu  gbongo majinginan talakwa”

My translation Ado son of Abudu (Abdulahi Bayero, also a former Emir of Kano) a wall on which the poor masses lean on.

As a person who grew up in Kano I could see that He was a very gentle and compassionate king soft spoken but very firm when it matters most. I also believe He was a detribalized Nigerian as he had many close friends from other parts of Nigeria notable among them is The Oni of Ife who often came to visit him and I read that the late Dim chukuwemeka odumegu ojukwu was his close friend the two became friends in the early 1960s when Ojukwu was G.O.C of the military barracks in Kano and Ado was a police officer. All said and done Ado was a good Emir who always preached peace and strived to improve the living condition of his people I felt He has left a very big shoe which will take some time to be filled by the new emir.  I am consoled when  I later learnt  the new Emir is Sanusi Lamido Sanusi due to the fact that he is not new to leadership position and has done creditably well in various positions he has held particularly when he served as the governor of the central bank of Nigeria. He showed that he was bold and courageous when he carried out reforms in our banking sector; he also demonstrated his fearlessness to say what he believes and fight injustice on many occasions. For example when he told Nigerians that the legislators where taking a large chunk of the nation’s budget and when he blew the whistle on the ‘missing $20bilion’

I therefore congratulate HRH Sanusi Lamido Sanusi  who now wishes to be known as Emir Muhammadu Sanusi (II) on his ascension to this very revered throne of his fore fathers, I say Allah shi taya riko Allah ya ja zaamani, and I am using this opportunity to urge you to rise up to the occasion to lead your subjects well and most importantly to use this very respected and revered position you occupy to garner of all the good people of Kano and well-meaning Nigerians  to fight this terrorism that is plaguing us in this country. As an Economist and a former governor of the CBN you need no one to tell you that these terrorists are crippling the economy of our dear country particularly that of the northern part of our country, you need no one to remind you that Kano has been a major trading center in west Africa and has for a long time been regarded as the “commerce center of our nation” but all this are being threatened by this perpetrators of evil who are killing at will and instilling fear in people.

Kano is gradually losing its reputation as trade centers a lot of non-indigenes are leaving the state; companies are closing down. It is high time we rise up and fight these terrorists and put an end to it and there is no one better person place to lead the fight than you because the seat you occupy is one that’s very influential and carries a lot of weight. One can almost say the word of the emir is law so I urge you to educate and motivate the people to purge out this barbaric elements from their mist and most importantly if you are  privilege to information about the terrorist particularly their sponsors due to the position you occupy  please make it known to the appropriate authorities and if they fail to take action make it known to the public perhaps then they will take action and you will have played your own part

Long live Muhammadu Sanusi (II) long live Kano emirate long live Federal republic of Nigeria

David Damola Ogunyemi is a young and enterprising individual who has passion for writing, and believes Nigeria can be a great Nation. He writes about politics and soccer.

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