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9 Steps for You to Grow As a Leader


9 Steps for You to Grow As a Leader

If you’re interested in advancing as a leader, make the effort to grow as one. Studies show that different industries have a shortage of quality leaders. The opportunities are clearly there, so it behooves you to groom yourself to be eligible for them.

Training Yourself to Grow As a Leader

In order to be successful in your path towards good leadership, you need to be resolved and committed to the cause. Here are nine steps you can take to develop your leadership skills.

1.     Establish your goals.

Take the time to write down your goals. Research says that if you document your dreams and aspirations, yours odds of achieving them become higher. Figure out the position you want and the skills you wish to develop. This also works for personal goals.

2.     Identify your weaknesses.

In order to be a better leader, you have to overcome your flaws, and you must first own up to them. When you know your weak areas, you can address them properly by improving on them and by maneuvering situations so that no one can use them against you.

3.     Strengthen your backbone.

More than intelligence and knowledge, courage is what truly separates leaders from the rest. When you develop your grit and always choose to be courageous even when it’s difficult, you will be more likely to progress and succeed.

4.     Find your motivation.

When you know your purpose, you are more convicted to achieve your goals. The more people know why you do something, the more they are inclined to supporting you. Understand what your motivation and purpose are for pursuing something and you will be more effective.

5.     Be a perpetual learner.

Being an avid learner is crucial in becoming a leader. Learning is improving, so whether it’s fresh knowledge or a new skill acquired, you are the better for it. When you fail, let the experience teach you. When other people have feedback on your work, be it critical or complimentary, learn from it.

6.     Allow yourself to be mentored.

No matter how high up you are on the ladder, there will always be people who’ve gone before you. Listen to those with more experience not because they know more, but because they have further insight into circumstances that you may face. Treat them as mentors who can help you perform better.

You can also benefit from the services of a career coach. Start reading leadership coaching articles and collect nuggets of wisdom from the different writers. You may even zero in on the coach you’d want to work with.

7.     Always strive for excellence.

Never settle for mediocrity. It just isn’t good enough. People who are happy to be average don’t evolve, advance, and progress into a good leader. The best leaders give the best of themselves and bring out the best in others.

8.     Invest in your leadership goals.

Be it time, money, or effort, make appropriate investments that will propel you closer and closer toward your goal. You have a myriad of options, from something as simple as buying and reading books to something that is a lot more grand in scale, such as pursuing a PhD. When you invest in yourself, you can expect returns on your effort.

9.     Remember to always be intentional.

This may sound calculating, but there’s nothing wrong with taking calculated steps towards an intended goal as long as you’re not misleading anybody and misrepresenting yourself. If you seem to be showing off, why not? If you have the skills and know-how, use them.

If you seem to be discriminating of the company you keep, why not? If you want to be in a culture of achievement and excellence, then surround yourself with experts and other bright people who will inspire and push you.

Growth and Success

Growth and success typically come hand in hand. You cannot advance towards further success if you choose to stay put or even regress. If you want to be a successful leader, you need to grow and improve.

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