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8 Things That Makes Another Job Offer a Better Job


8 Things That Makes Another Job Offer a Better Job

Do you love your job or where you work? Are you satisfied with the way things are working out for you? I know you may not have ready-made answers for these questions but how many job offers did you get when scouting for one? Do you think there are better job offers you missed or would have taken? Many are lucky to have more than one and yet they are beguiled with the dilemma of the right offer to choose.

You may have been confronted with the challenge of making a decision between two firms when presented with an offer. And you are confused whether to leave your present job for another offer from company ‘B’ and as well wondering if the move will be worth it.

Just like many, you may ask “What really makes a job offer from another company a better one?” Well, I believe the 8 things below answer that question.

The Brand

Brands calling

You may say “I cannot work for/with EkeleChuku & Sons firm” just because you’re presently with, let’s say, a ‘Sheraton Hotel’ or ‘Standard Trust Bank’ because of the brand, right? Well, that’s true! A job offer from another company is a better job if the brand is a stronger, higher and better brand. For example when you have two offers from a ‘Konga’ and a ‘Jumia’, I do not think the issue of brand comes to play here and you may want to consider the next point. But moving from a ‘Musajide & Co.’ to a ‘PriceWaterHouse Cooper’? What are you waiting for?!

Good Career Pointers


I pretty much think this should come first. I mean you cannot resign as a Radiographist to take an offer as an Office Assistant with another company just because of the Brand. If it ain’t what you want to do, the brand should not be a determinant. Same way, a job offer is a better job if it points well to your career, to what you want to do even though you are not presently. I believe what you love is what you’ve chosen as a career. Then go for it and get fulfilled, be on the road to being your own boss eventually.

Monthly Alert!


Hmmm! I’d thought this should come last but hey… the economy isn’t stable at all and we need to make money; so, the salary. How much is company ‘B’ offering you? Is it higher than what you presently earn or what you’ve ever envisaged to earn? I believe if it is 50% higher and from a good/better brand with the career prospects in place, then it is 100% by far a better job. Make that move, will you?!



When it takes you hours (even without traffic) to get to your workplace, I begin to wonder if you’re on a journey to the United states on foot. Sometimes you get to watch a full movie on your phone on commuting to your destination from work or home and you get a good offer just a stone throw away from home? Come on! Isn’t that a better job? This gives you more time to do other things and be with family

The Closing Bell


Okay. So location of the workplace may not be favourable but what time is the Close of Business, That’s why more people dread working in Banks. The location of the new job may not be too okay but if the closing time is and the offer is good, then it’s a better job. It’s no sense hopping into another job that takes you away by and brings you back by



How much will you spend to commute from your home to the company? Does the company have a staff bus or transport allowance monthly? Or does the salary cover the cost well enough to remain at least a piece of cake to chew? You may want to consider all these before you take that offer.

Work Culture

images (1)

On my manuscript, this came last but I’d rather bring it a step up. You see, most companies do not have structure and a healthy company culture. Even employee benefits are found wanting. So you would want to consider all these before leaving where you are or choosing which offer to accept. The best way to know about company culture or employee benefits is to know someone who already works there and how they talk or perceive the work they do. You may get a clue .

Entrepreneurship Prospects


I believe if you’ve been on something you love for more than 5 years, you should be able to set up yours or start up something (it should/could be part time) that puts you in a position of being an employer of labour someday. Not everyone will be an entrepreneur. Most companies have a mentorship structure or work environment that gives an individual a mentality of working to creating something out of nothing from experience being acquired. If that job is one that puts you through this, then it is a better job.

Which of these do you think is the most important for leaving a job and why? Please kindly share with us.

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