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8 Hacks to get more opportunities in your Career


8 Hacks to get more opportunities in your Career

A lot of people think that people that are getting opportunities (both local and international) are probably among the best set of people in their fields. This is not true.

I only see them as just average people who are well balanced in engaging themselves in the most important and effective areas of human endeavours.

Like I advise some mentees, man is a social, political and biological being. Talk of any “cal”, Man should bear it. A well-balanced person is someone who has some elements of each of these in his lifestyle.

Apart from professional skills and academic prowess, the following come with some advantages that give some individuals better leverages above others.

1. Being among first responders.

Most times when requests are made, the first set of responders usually has some privileges.

2. Earliness.

Some people do things earlier than others or by principle are never late for anything (be it job application, appointments, meetings, interviews, ceremonies etc.). People like this have better advantages than latecomers. This has nothing to do with professional skills or academic performance. It’s a principle.

3. Completeness.

Some people are always complete in their submissions. At every opportunity, they provide all information required and are backed up with relevant documents. They are very organized. These people always attract fortune to themselves and this has nothing to do with academic and professional skills.

4. Complementary skills.

Some people are very resourceful than others. They have other complementary skills that support or aid their main skill. They are not one-way thinkers. They are very objective and see things from different perspectives

5. Proactiveness.

Some people are very proactive. Some people are already in the year 2030. They already have activities and plans lined up to catch up with future opportunities. This has nothing to do with academics or professional skills.

6. Preparedness.

This is connected to item 5 but backed up with actions, they are currently doing the right things that they will leverage in future to achieve their strategic objectives. This also supports items 2 and 3.

7. Information.

Some people have been assisted by friends, colleagues , acquittances with vital information. They are just average people but have access to information and are using it wisely. Some people are knowledgeable but lack vital information. They depend on their abilities to get things done, so they don’t value their relationship with people. Some knowledgeable people have denied themselves big opportunities because of ego and lack of respect for other people.

8. Presence.

Being at the right place at the right time is key. Some opportunities will come to you as a result of your presence ( Physically or online). Just being among.

The list is non-exhaustive.

Take these into consideration and see the changes you are going to experience.

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A COREN Registered Engineer, Project Management Professional (PMI-PMP), Certified Professional in Engineering Management (ASEM - CPEM), with about 10 years’ experience as Project Engineer who evolved from Mechanical Engineering Design, Fabrication and Construction Engineering discipline and with field experience across the EPCI spectrum, coordinating Projects activities (Onshore and Offshore ) from initiation stage, through product development to commissioning and final handover in an international Oil and Gas project development environment. I have good working knowledge of ASME, API, DNV and AWS and other international standards.

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