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7 Leadership Qualities all Employees Want to See in a Boss


7 Leadership Qualities all Employees Want to See in a Boss

There’s nothing employees hate more than a bad boss. An example of a bad boss is someone who doesn’t appreciate employees for their hard work or gives them credit even when they deserve it. He or she finds fault in things and loves to boast that it was his or her input that led to the desired outcome. A bad boss may also see employees just as pawns that are meant to follow orders.

What such managers don’t realize is that the mistreatment negatively affects employee morale and lowers their productivity. According to Harvard Business Review, 58 percent of employees trust strangers more than their own boss. On the other hand, the employees that have a good boss don’t experience such problems because their boss does the following:

1. Offers Positive Feedback and Coaching

Employees are human beings with emotions. Despite the fact that they work for you, they also deserve respect and recognition. A good boss lets employees know when they are doing something good. He or she congratulates the employee for meeting the firm’s expectations and encourages them to become even better. A good boss also tells the employees when they have done something wrong in a constructive way. He or she acknowledges that everyone makes mistakes, and that they can improve by learning from them. The boss coaches the employees to bring out their best qualities.

2. Doesn’t Micromanage

Employees want their bosses to trust them with the tasks that they give them. In his book My Way or the Highway: The Micromanagement Survival Guide, Harry E. Chambers revealed that 85% of respondents believed that their morale was impacted negatively by being micromanaged. A good boss knows this and is not constantly on employees shoulders trying to see what they are up to. He or she trusts the employees and believes in their abilities, making a few follow-ups every once in a while. Employees love such a boss because he or she helps them grow. In addition, the boss should also encourage employees to ask questions if they are not sure about something. That way, they can avoid unnecessary mistakes.

3. Fosters Unity and Company Culture

In any company, there are bound to be employees from different cultures, backgrounds, and personalities. Of course every person was hired on the basis of their skills. A good boss knows that these people need to coordinate and work together for the general good of the company. He or she finds ways to unite the different personalities under a single brand. The boss does it in such a way that it doesn’t offend anyone. A good boss also makes sure that all employees abide by company rules and regulation by doing their duties effectively.

4. Allows Employees to Have Fun

Work shouldn’t be serious all the time. A good boss knows that employees need to let off some steam so that they can be more motivated to work. Employees love a boss that makes work fun. One way that the boss can do this is by allowing employees to have a say in what they wear while at work. They can also play some games during lunch hour breaks. Such activities are not only relaxing, but they also build team spirit.

5. Really Listens

As much as employees love a good feedback, they also appreciate it when the boss listens to them. Communication should be a two-way thing. A good boss knows that an employee could have the solution to an operational problem. That’s why they encourage employees to give opinions and suggestions. This makes the employees feel appreciated and respected.

6. Rewards Hard Work  

Employees love a boss that rewards them for their hard work. If an employee’s time and effort led to increased sales for the firm, a commission or bonus is a good reward for the worker. A good boss rewards employees because he or she knows that makes the them more engaged and willing to work for the organization.

7. Has Integrity

A good boss is honest and doesn’t cut corners to get what he or she wants. The manager acts a good role model for his or her employees. Employees want someone they can trust as their boss. A leader with integrity gives the workers a sense of security and assurance that their boss will look out for what’s best for them. Thus, a good boss should possess both integrity and honesty.

The above traits are qualities that any employee would love to see in their boss. As a final note, a good leader should also be self aware. They should know that they have weaknesses that their employees can help them deal with them.

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  1. Frances

    March 5, 2019 at 3:15 pm

    Nice article. All these have a way of motivating employees, and that way good talents will be attracted and retained. Employers should also try to check review sites like ( to know what employees have to say about the company as it would help them know what they are not doing right and fix it if possible.

    • John Bassey

      March 5, 2019 at 7:41 pm

      Hello Frances, thank you for dropping a comment. I have actually used MySalaryScale at some point when I was researching a company and it’s quite a good resource.

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