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6 Steps to Map Your Massage Therapy Career Path


6 Steps to Map Your Massage Therapy Career Path

Massage therapists use a wide range of techniques to manipulate the soft body tissue and muscles of their clients, with the aim of enhancing their overall health and well-being. A good massage will help you cope with soreness and physical ailments and make you feel at ease and relaxed.

And with the increase in the demand for massage therapists these days, more and more people are taking this career path. As a massage therapist, you can find work in sports injury clinics, rehabilitation centres, spas, and other related establishments.

So if you are also considering taking this career path, here’s some helpful information if you’d like to learn how to become a massage therapist in UK. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Learn more about the career

Before anything else, you should know and understand what is involved in becoming a massage therapist. In addition to searching online or reading books regarding this career, it is highly recommended that you receive a massage. While you are being massaged, consider asking your therapist important questions regarding the profession and what it actually entails.

This is by far the best way to understand the art of massage. From here, decide if you really want to pursue this career path.

Step 2: Find a specialization

Massage comes in different types, with each offering specific benefits and requiring varying techniques. So as early as possible, you should know what type of massage you want to specialize in.

Here are the main types of massage to consider

Swedish massage

This is the most common type of massage that is used for relaxation and healing purposes. It basically involves five strokes: effleurage, tapotement, petrissage, vibration, and friction.

Deep Tissue massage

This is quite similar to Swedish massage, but more pressure is applied to the muscles and soft tissue body. It is beneficial for those with lingering injuries or chronic pain that limits their mobility, osteoarthritis, and repetitive stress injuries.

Sports massage

This is a type of massage that is meant for athletes or those who are physically active. It helps heal their muscles so they can perform at an optimum level the next time they participate in a game. Also, this helps them recover in case they get injured in their games and even in practices.


This type of massage is based on the reflex areas on the feet and hands, where energy is thought to be aligned with the other body parts, especially the organs. It involves the application of pressure to the reflex points to boost the natural pleasure response of the body, thus reducing discomfort and stress.

Pregnancy Massage

This is tailored to meet the needs of an expectant mother to promote relaxation. This is a safe way to relieve them from swollen ankles and low back pain.

Step 3: Take up the right massage therapy course

Once you have determined the type of massage you want to pursue, take up the right courses from a reputable training institute. When choosing the best school, you must look into the courses they offer, along with the qualification you will receive once you finish the course.

To become a certified massage therapist, you must complete the course you have enrolled in. Different programs determine if you will graduate with a certification or with a diploma or degree.

Step 4: Put it into practice

After getting the right certification or diploma, it is time to put what you have learned into practice. Finding work should be easy since there are plenty of salaried jobs at hotels, spas, gyms, massage parlors, and other related industries.

Step 5: Diversify your skill

Increasing your knowledge and skills will help make yourself marketable. So make sure to get additional certifications and licenses if you can. If, for instance, you also are a yoga instructor, you can work in a sports club setting.

You can even upgrade your expertise in other types of massage. If you have specialized in reflexology, you can also take the BTEC sports massage course and a pregnancy massage course. Portraying multiple roles in the massage industry will provide greater booking opportunities. This means that you can cater to a diverse population and, of course, increase your income.

Step 6: Be your own boss

If you are tired of being an employee, you can start your own massage business. Take note, though, that you can initially expect it to be challenging to get clients. But if you have been employed for years, perhaps in a prestigious hotel or spa, you can get a list of satisfied clients.

Also, you must know how to run a business, from picking a business name to getting the proper permits and insurance to business promotion. In addition to marketing your capabilities, you should also know how your competitors work. This way, you can offer something unique so you can stand out from the competition.

When you provide an excellent service, people will begin recommending your business to their family and friends, which then provides you with a steady stream of clients.

Being a massage therapist is definitely a rewarding profession if you know how to succeed in this career path. Follow this guide to ensure your success. Good luck!

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