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5 Things Employees are Most Fearful About in the Workplace

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5 Things Employees are Most Fearful About in the Workplace

WHAT do you fear most at the workplace? Query, suspension, demotion… a sack?

Or is it WHO do you fear most? Your Boss?

A few employees have sailed the shores of several companies in their career and therefore are in apt positions to describe a typical, fearful workplace or what ignites fear in them, daily. A research in 2012 revealed a few fears of employees but things have really changed and the economy is on a downturn. Few (unofficial) responses collected from millennials recently have revealed more fears that employees have in the workplace today.

Making a Big Mistake

In this advent of Twitter, Instagram and other social media giants, any word or info mistake is escalated to a point of ridicule. And when it comes to the monies? It could cost a company millions! A single figure omission or addition brings such employee to ruins! Most employees fear this and it reduces/disturbs their confidence level

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Not Having a Career

Though the mentality in this part of the world may have shifted to “once it brings in good bucks, stick to it all the way!” many a few entry-level employees (who probably have been ‘profound’ job applicants for too long) are likely to be afraid of not having a career with each passing moment they spend on that job they are not in love with.

A Difficult Client

Have you ever been in a situation where this particular client will always complain again and again and again and the next mail he/she sends has your boss in copy and within few minutes, Twitter/Facebook is agog with how shitty your Customer Service is or your Sales Response Time is crap? Yeah. That’s a difficult customer/client and they can really tuck fear into employees.

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A Yelling Boss

Most times, the boss is always right. But some other times, you are the right one, still, the boss yells, right? Employees try as much as possible not to get in conflict with their boss especially if it’s related to the viability of their work/idea; they try as much as possible to avoid such. But in most workplaces, such conflicts bring about a new level of innovation that evolves to good problems needed to be solved.

A Sack… A Sudden Sack

Stories abound of how employees are ‘brutally’ let go (or forced to go) without ‘the warning signs’ or without even being given the opportunity to get their stuff (on PC or in lockers) before they’re motioned to the gates. This gets employees scared (most times) especially when ‘Making a Mistake’ or dealing with ‘A Difficult Client’ is not properly handled or escalated to the right persons who should provide solutions.

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  1. Darlington

    March 13, 2016 at 10:25 am

    In Nigeria where unemployment rate is high, SACK or LAYOFF is the greatest fear because the process of getting another job is not an easy one. SEXUAL HARASSMENT, this is also common in the workplace especially to women.

    • John Bassey

      April 2, 2016 at 11:15 am

      Very true Darlington. Different countries with unique stats will have peculiar things that can trigger fear. Thanks for the comment.

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