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5 Questions to ask when choosing the right career

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5 Questions to ask when choosing the right career

Whether you are someone who just got out of college or someone who is contemplating quitting their job, choosing the right career at the right time might be a very dilemmatic situation.

Some people prefer browsing job advertisements and are ready to jump on the first good opportunity they get while some invest a lot of time into exploration, introspection, willing to gain clarity over the same. No matter what side of the spectrum you fall, choosing the right career for yourself is a crucial decision and it carries long-lasting consequences on your life.

So if you are confused about which field to go in and don’t know where to begin this journey of choosing the right career path, here is a list of 5 ‘Must Ask’ questions to think through to seek answers!

1. Why am I choosing this career?

First things first, ask yourself why you want to pursue this career in particular. Is it because your parents want you to take this up so you are convincing yourself over the same? Or because you see your colleague excell in this field and you want the same for yourself?

Whatever be the reason, you need to have a very clear understanding of your inclination towards a particular career choice. Be it your passion that drives you to venture forth in that field or be it the security you are looking, it is of extreme importance to be reasonable and honest with yourself regarding the real reasons of your choice of career.

2. Do I have the relevant skills?

You might be very much fascinated by a particular career path. It may seem to look just like your dream job. You might be very firm and passionate about adopting this career. Everything seems to be perfectly planned. But you should be comprehensible of the fact that it is good to be driven by passion but it gets better with a realistic approach. Ask yourself such hard questions like:

  • Do I have the necessary skill set for the kind of career I am diving into?
  • Am I good at doing what I want to do?
  • If not, how much investment would I need to learn it?

You need to be very honest in answering these questions and then prepare yourself accordingly. Always remember that the first step towards a successful career is having a realistic approach.

3. Does it fit well with my personality?

Personality plays a key role in determining the right career choice. While hunting for a job, people are so charmed by the idea of their work that they forget to reflect if it fits their personality or not.

You need to make sure that your choice of career suits your work style and if not, then be informed about the changes you need to make.  If your job role requires an erratic working schedule but you are a man of order and prefer a monotonous routine, then it might get difficult for you to work in such a setting. Introspect if you are a competitive person or a cooperative one. Are you a thinker, who brings up ideas on the table or a doer, who focuses on the action?

Make sure your career is in line with your values, fits your personality and retains your unique identity at the workplace.

4. Am I willing to relocate myself for my career?

One of the most important and underrated aspect while choosing a career is your lifestyle. Ponder upon that what kind of lifestyle you want.

Will you be comfortable in relocating yourself as per the demands of your job?

Relocating is a major decision to make. Therefore, you need to be aware if your choice of career requires you relocate from place to place.

Be well prepared for a situation like this and ponder upon the first thought you get while thinking of relocation.

5. How much money am I going to make?

Most of us care about the monetary aspects while choosing a career and still end up making the wrong choice. Money is an important factor governing your career choice but it shouldn’t be the sole reason behind it.

Think about your idea of dream life and relate it to the choice of career you are going to make. Contemplate that how much you are likely to earn and how much you are likely to spend. Get numbers and figures for your expected pay and reflect if it’s satisfying or not.

Consider your future plans like owning a home or a much-awaited vacation and see if your career can provide you with enough resources to finance your future goals.


Choosing the right career path can be a challenging task but it is something you can’t escape from. While you have a free will in choosing a career path for yourself, it is important to be practical about it.

Some serious research with the right amount of knowledge and a bird’s eye view about the decision you make is enough to get you a smooth kickstart towards your new venture.

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