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5 Activities Undergraduates Need to Engage in While in School

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5 Activities Undergraduates Need to Engage in While in School

Undergraduates whilst in school have many opportunities to build up themselves for the imminent future and life they are to face after school. Many have it come easy while some undergo life situations to make it out in colours and become successful thereafter. But there are some activities in school that are beneficial to undergraduates and will help them in their career after school. These activities are some I wished I had done myself but nevertheless, I’ll list them so that you reading this may start off or tell someone you know in school to begin right away.


This is a sure career booster! Many undergraduates leave school with a heap load of experience up their sleeves and this puts them on edge with an advantage because they can either launch fully into their career either as an experienced personnel or graduate trainee. You can intern or volunteer during summer break. This could be for free since you’re getting quality hands-on experience of what you’re learning in school and believe me most companies will not reject your application for a free internship or volunteering.


Okay, so you don’t want to give your services for free? Then freelance! Freelancing is one of the best ways of having a portfolio of your projects for clients. This is a sure career shaper for undergraduates that they may not even need to look for job after school. What can you do? Do you have skills that you think you can sell to clients for a token? Then market yourself and be a freelancer today. You can even go online with it.

Forming Partnerships:

This is one thing I did not wake up to on time while in school. Most young successful businesses today started from university partnerships(Facebook, Jobberman). And it is one of the best ways of getting it right even after school because you may have been friends or colleagues with your partners before graduation and there is more trust. Forming partnerships may not necessarily be formal. It may start from study groups, classmates, fellowship friends etc. When the time is ripe and you know there is an idea of a business that can solve a problem, sourcing capital will be easy and you can garner motivation and courage for a start-up.

Capacity Building:

Build yourself! One of the reasons why some recent graduates (without any experience) have excellent resumes is because they built themselves by trainings, seminars, conferences etc. while in school and through that they developed skills that are pertinent for their career in the immediate future. This likewise gives confidence build up and prepares you for life after school.


Your network determines your net worth! Don’t just go through the school from the front gate and come out via the back gate. Meet people! Make the best use of every opportunity you have to get contacts and make friends. From there, partnerships can be formed and the balls can be set rolling. Mingle amongst people of intelligent and like minds and you’ll see your network grow and eventually determining your net worth. Connect on social media, get into the buzz of things and events, involve in meaningful discussions in class, online forums etc.

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So, that’s it. Oh! Were you expecting more? I said five and five it shall be my dear (refer to the title and read very      s   l   o   w   l   y . . . )  Until next time. Always remember that no one will be held responsible for your successes or failures except you and…

Never Respect Your Challenges

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