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4 Types of Creative Blocks (and How to Overcome Them)


4 Types of Creative Blocks (and How to Overcome Them)

Are you stuck with a project because your creative juices are just not flowing? If yes, then you are one of the many victims of creative block. Suffering from a creative block can be frustrating to the extent that you might want to quit after a time. In such a scenario, you have no option but to keep yourself going and hope to get back your rhythm. But positive thinking alone does not do any good in the situation and you have to take steps to overcome this pathetic phase.

Different people have different reasons to experience creative block. Depending on your particular lifestyle and temperament, you might not feel that pinch to creating something out of your creative side. So, if you are depressed with any of the following 4 types of creative block, then let us help you with these expert tips:

1.     Lack of Inspiration

For some people, the death of creativity is often a result of lack of inspiration. Every digital artist needs inspiration to keep his creative process alive. But, when that inspiration gets missing, they tend to lack the spark to create something beyond ordinary and their creative side withers with time.

Find your way to inspiration through things that motivate you. Are you a music lover? Play singles of one of your favorite musicians. Are you a nature lover? Spend time with the flora and fauna around you. Do everything that can give a kick to your mood.

2.     The Effect of Stress

Stress can be one of the root causes of a creative block. Often, we feel so emotionally drained that we lack any drive to create something out of imagination. We get so consumed by demands of life and other commitments that we hardly have any energy to undergo a creative process.

Have some break from work and let your soul breathe. Take a holiday to invigorate your mind, if it is on your priority list. A gap from your outer voices will give you mental space and let ideas flow in your mind.

3.     The Burden of Workload

Sometimes, we take on so much work that we end up feeling overwhelmed. The weight of commitments put us down and we struggle with time to manage every task. This overwhelming effect of workload makes us feel short of ideas and we lack that spark to do something really creative or extraordinary.

Immoderation kills creativity. Therefore, you need to slow down and give your mind enough space to process ideas. Allow yourself tode-clutter those additional loads of work from your mind. Just say no to any further projects or delegate work to other professional services, e.g. write my dissertation, to do the task.

4.     Poor Work Environment

Our surrounding has a direct effect on our minds and, therefore, your work environment might be the prime culprit behind a creative block. Are you fed up of too much noise in your office? Do you have a nagging issue with your boss? All these things are contributing factors of creative block.

If your workplace is not the space you want to spend your time and you have to push yourself every day to sit on that chair for eight hours, then probably it is time to change your office or you will end up losing hope to recover from that prolonged creative block.

Creative block is just like any other condition. With a little tweaking in your lifestyle and attitude, you can make a huge difference to the condition and get your creative juices flow again.

Author Bio:

Ashleigh Everston is working as a senior academic advisor. When not working, She enjoys reading different lifestyle, education, and graphic design blogs, and also writing for different blogs on her favorite topics.

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