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4 Things Your Dream Job Can Never do to You


4 Things Your Dream Job Can Never do to You

Everybody wants a dream job or a dream career. This is very common for many job applicants and those currently on a paying cheque. It may not be all about the pay or the conducive work environment or the great managers and coworkers. Your dream job may be something as little as giving you satisfaction and not put your psych in jeopardy. After seeing the movie ‘Think Like A Man 2’, I got the inspiration from a scene in that movie to write about the things your dream job cannot do to you. So I drew up some points, engaged two of my colleagues in a discussion, did a little reading and came up with 4 things your dream job can never do to you. Read them below.

1) Your Dream Job can never make you Miserable

Are you frustrated and demoralized daily? Do you feel worn out emotionally, psychologically, and out of energy and you get home very late at night? Do you feel any no enthusiasm doing what you do? If all your answers are yes, then I’m sorry, what you have is not a dream job because your dream job can never make you miserable even though it may have challenges. Patrick Lencioni in his book ‘The 3 Signs of a Miserable Job‘ opines that “A miserable job makes a person cynical and frustrated and demoralized when they go home at night,” Lencioni says. “It drains them of their energy, their enthusiasm and self-esteem. Miserable jobs can be found in every industry and at every level.”

Worthy of note is the fact that you may not have the above signs and still not in your dream job. It is very possible. Many people feel enthusiastic about their jobs, have good self-esteem, have a flexible work life balance but yet it is not a dream job. Whichever is the case, your dream job can never make you miserable!

2) Your Dream Job can never make you Regret

A colleague actually chipped in this one. Your dream job can never make you regret taking it as a dream job. Except if you do not know what you want or have as a dream job, you will have no regrets months, years, and decades into that career line as your dream career. Even if the pay is infinitesimal to what you really want, so long it’s your dream job, regrets don’t set in because you know with time and further training, you’ll move up the cadre and receive better pay cheques. A dream job is what you love doing. Once you get on the lane, you just love it. Passion plays itself out and you’re naturally enthusiastic to go to work daily.

3) Your Dream Job will not present too many Career Hunches

 DANIEL GULATI describes having a career hunch as that feeling or guesses at changing your career for a bigger and better opportunity that’ll pay off sometime later if not immediately. I’ve read stories where people wished they’d acted on their career hunches. If you’re on your dream job, you’ll have fewer attractions from other seemingly good opportunities because you’ll enjoy what you’re doing presently and you’ll be more focused at being better at what you do and climbing up the ladder

Some people take their dream jobs while some just create it. You may be in the right firm but have a bad job which is different from having a miserable job in every sense. After all, everyone has his/her scale of satisfaction with what is deemed acceptable in a career or in a firm for better and personal growth and development.

4) ………………………………………..….. ADD YOURS!


Do you have more ideas on what your dream job can never do to you? Are you presently on your dream job? I’m sure you have other points to share. This space is just for you! Tell us more by using the comment box.

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