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4 Secrets to answering very tough interview questions like a human being


4 Secrets to answering very tough interview questions like a human being

Yes I said like a human being because I see people going into #interviews and acting like robots. ☹️

…But you know what, when people show up as robots, they naturally disqualify their candidacy, because business leaders really want to employ #humans not #robots 😊

My thoughts to answer tough interview questions will be:

📍Simply buy time by asking for clarification. You can buy time with these questions:
⭐️Please would you mind re-wording your questions, to help me understand it better?
⭐️Thank you for this question. I understand that you are trying to ask me to explain XYZ from my experience, are my thoughts/understanding about your question adequate?

📍State the question again, but this time state it slowly and more thoughtfully…
⭐️Yes it’s okay to let them know you are thinking about it, some business leaders love candidates who are thoughtful.
They may even interject at this point and say: Did that question make you uncomfortable? We can skip it as it’s not so important.

📍Feel free to tell them before you answer that people may have differing opinions to what you are about to say, or it’s a dicey topic you are not exactly comfortable discussing and that what you are about to say is YOUR perspective, but you are open to hear differing thoughts.
⭐️This will make them to be more understanding of whatever you say, Infact they will be ready to hear a 20% answer because you prepared them. Most importantly, they’ll have a perspective that you may have opinions on issues, but you would still be a good team player who is accommodating of others perspectives.

📍Then shoot! Yes, answer the question the way you know best. Personally I always like to use two strategies:
⭐️I tell stories of past experiences that validate my thoughts or what I am trying to pass across. Story telling is a very powerful interviewing strategy.
⭐️I analyze the scenario explaining the “what” and “why” of my reasoning.
Sometimes people may not agree to my “what” but when I explain my “why” they would recognize that my thinking cap is on and that’s what business leaders really want.

Business leaders and recruiters just want people who can think and solve problems.

They are just checking how authentic you are, and if you can show you are a human being with a functional brain.

Any further thoughts on maneuvering challenging interview questions? Or can you remember the toughest interview question you have ever received?


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