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The 4 Most Important Relationships You Should not Neglect


The 4 Most Important Relationships You Should not Neglect

There are various relationships we try to maintain daily but the most important relationships are better maintained and focussed on to make sure you don’t lose out on people that matter to you most and people that actually care. Here are the 4 most important relationships that you should not neglect.

Relationship with God

This is the most important relationships you should maintain and never neglect. It goes beyond going to church every Sunday or being a Sunday school teacher where you worship. Relationship with God as one of the most important relationships you should not neglect entails a personal communication with, and followership of your divine maker.

Relationship with Yourself

Love yourself. Love yourself even more every day without regret. An intrapersonal communication within you is of uttermost importance for a high self-esteem. A good relationship with yourself entails placing a high value of worth on yourself. Do not allow people intimidate you with their actions. Aspire for great things and work towards achieving them. Motivate yourself when you’re faced with challenges and grow in knowledge and wisdom perpetually.

Relationship with Family

Whether married or not, give ear and care to your family and love them no matter what because when the chips are down or things aren’t going well with you as you planned, they are the only persons you’ve got.  Do your best to appreciate them. If you’re married always appreciate and value your wife and kids. They are the tangible treasures that give real comfort and love unconditionally. Ensure conflict don’t turn to crisis; settle things amicably because most times, face offs are bound to happen.

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Relationship with Nature

Nature encompasses the beauty of life; what generally makes life around us beautiful. The little flowers, the air, the birds and every other thing that makes the environment serene makes up how you relate with life and appreciate living. Appreciate people more. Appreciate talents, gifts, skills and natural exhibition of exceptional knowledge. Give yourself sometime for vacation. Take some time out and enjoy the goodness of life and what nature offers


I know many reading this would expect to see relationship with girlfriend, boyfriend, and fiancé as one of the most important relationships. But the truth is that you will not be able to satisfactorily maintain a successful relationship with another person not related by blood if you do not place value on the points listed above else you may just be an object of abuse to anybody… So do you have relationships that are important to you and not listed here? Kindly share.

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