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3 of the Worst Startup Company Problems and Possible Solutions


3 of the Worst Startup Company Problems and Possible Solutions

How to start up a business and be successful

Building a startup is a quite challenging feat.  From day one, it requires more than just brainstorming of ideas, the processing of important documents, and the spending never-ending expenses. Problems are encountered from every step of the way, even after you have already gone past the first part in making the company stand.

Startups are not the only ones that get stormed with problems. Big businesses alike also encounter endless problems along the way.  There has never been a business that has not gone through problems.  But those that have survived have also risen to be quite a success.

Problem-solving is not a trait that is inborn. Sometimes it is borne out of necessity or the sheer will to never give up on some things.  It only requires patience, determination, and endurance. A good entrepreneur must not only know how to initiate ideas and create innovations; but also is ready to face and take on challenges that the business will be encountering in the future. If you are among those risk-takers building a startup, here are 3 worst problems that startups may possibly encounter and the solutions to them.

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Starting off with the wrong foot

A business is started when a person or a group of people arrive at an idea for a good business that will give them multiple profits.  Ideas can come in different packages.  They can be original, having no other business like them, while others are small imitations of bigger, more successful ones where the only difference is adding in of features that are not present with the original large business.

Ideas on what your business is about or what products and services it should sell are very tricky.  It has to be carefully thought out and go through strenuous deliberation. Since making a startup takes up a huge chunk of your money, time, and effort, you would not want to spend large on something that is already doomed to fail even at the beginning.

To get a better idea for a business, ask yourself what problems are people commonly facing today? Or better yet, ask that question to yourself.  After you’ve listed them all down, think of the possible solutions that could have made solving those problems of yours easily if only you had the right tools to use.

Many successful online businesses took off from solutions-based ideas. They came up with ideas that were borne from a problem. For example, ZenPayroll is a business aimed at taking the very taxing payroll process off their shoulders by providing the solutions.  Google, for instance, was made to solve the problem of people who need help in their online searches. Your business should be something important, needed, and sustainable.  Getting an idea for your business from an already existing one might be okay, but it may be harder to sell in the longer. You will have invest in constant innovation to make your business stand out in that market especially when the business is selling something that people do not really need.

Working Alone

This strategy can be very appealing to startup owners at the beginning. Since you do all the work by yourself and having no one to pay for handling things for you, you might be able to save much on the costs. While this may work well at the beginning, it will not be as breezy as time rolls on. As the startup fares, more and more responsibilities and work will need to be done. The workload now will not be as light and as manageable as it had been then.

Just as a person cannot walk with one leg and no other support, a company will not grow and live long without a collaboration of a group of individuals. A budding entrepreneur will need the help, advice, and support of other people in innovating ideas, crafting new marketing strategies, and all the other important functions needed for a company to work. To be able to get your money’s worth, hire people who are dependable and are knowledgeable of the positions that you fire them for. Make sure that they are competent enough, and most importantly, they have the same or similar concern for the company as much as you do.

If you think you already have the manpower but all you would need is to polish them to get to their potential, consider developing their skills with Leap Leadership. They offer leadership training and coaching for individuals and teams, so this would not only foster team growth, it can also help you groom future innovators and leaders from your own people.

Bad marketing

At this day and age, marketing is vital for the survival of companies. Poor marketing can result in poor leads that eventually lead to poor sales.  Without sales, the company cannot be sustained. Research on effective marketing strategies you can employ for your company.  You can hire competent marketers or turn to marketing mentors to help you find the right platform for your advertisements and know how to make your company searchable to customers who have not heard of it yet.

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Final Thoughts

Although problems that startups encountered are not always preventable, there can always be a way to keep it from killing the business. When something negative arises, hold on to the thought that you will be able to get through it victoriously. Have the humility to accept that you have made wrong choices, but the determination to make things right again. It might sound like a personal mantra but it can also work for your company.

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