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3 ways Recruiters can maintain a strong, fruitful relationship with Hiring Managers


3 ways Recruiters can maintain a strong, fruitful relationship with Hiring Managers

Lately, I have been very fascinated by the love-hate relationship between the Hiring Manager and the Recruitment team.

While there are numerous resources which would give you tips on how to resolve the conflicts between the hiring manager and the recruiter, I want to propose a prevention mechanism.

Painkillers work great. But why wait for the pain to arise?

Can we use vitamins instead? And uproot the total cause of the pain.

So here are 3 ways of maintaining a strong, fruitful relationship with the Hiring Managers –


Listening creates deep relationships. Think of your favourite teacher… or your favourite boss… chances are that you liked them, not because they were excellent talkers… but because they were excellent listeners. When we practice deep listening, not only do we understand things better, but the hiring manager feels that he is heard.\


Being empathetic is not easy.

Empathy demands us to step out of our shoes and look at the world through the eyes of the other person.

But as we develop empathy, we start seeing things differently. We realize the exact issues that the Hiring Manager is going through. This empathy allows us to do better work, thus impacting the relationship in a positive way.

For example, we might realize the tremendous work-pressure that the Hiring Manager and his team are already facing. This empathy will make us value their time even more, and we would send only the relevant resumes!

Be open to coaching

Ultimately, the Hiring Manager is the client of the recruitment team. And being coached by the client is essential.

Far too often, we take offence when we are given any feedback. But if we truly wish to delight our customers, taking feedback and growing is a vital skill to have.

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