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3 Types of Internship that will Boost your Career

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3 Types of Internship that will Boost your Career

Internship is a period where college or graduate students gain practical supervisory experience in the field they want to specialize in. It is a time when your priority is not founded on making money or being paid exactly the same amount full employees are paid but to gain practical experience in your field under a supervisor.

To enable you underground and better appreciate internship and prepare more for your career, here are the 4 basic types of internship you should know about.

College Internship

This is an internship for students in the universities still in the course of getting a degree. Some Colleges or Universities know it as or call it IT. This period, the students are given 6 months or more to go gather practical experience on the field. Though much money is not paid in form of salary, stipends are provided to assist the students financially.

To make sure college internship boosts your career, you should:

Send out your CV to companies or firms you’re interested in early

Gun for firms whose service is specifically in your field

Keep up to date with the companies you’ve applied to

Not rule out medium size or small companies so long the experience sort for will be gotten

In most cases go through referrals or send official letters to companies before your college internship commences

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Graduate Internship

In most countries, the government ensures youths just graduating from college go for compulsory internship. In Nigeria, this is in form of NYSC, YouWin etc. This period of graduate internship is also for hands on experience and may be more intense than that of college internship with stipends paid as well.

However, down the years, the system is regarded as aim defeated. Some believe this period should allow and be for valuable cultural integration (NYSC) while others think it should no longer see the light of day.

Volunteer Internship

During this period, the individual in this type of internship is considered a volunteer. Most cases, no money is paid to the volunteer and services rendered are usually part time if that is the case. This type of internship will boost your career because you stand to gain a lot of experience with top professional firms and you’re likely to be retained as a full staff.

Any opportunity you have at gaining experience should not be handled with kids gloves as this boosts your career whether directly or indirectly. It also provides value for your CV because recruiters will surely opt for entry level candidates without tangible job experience but with a good internship experience and that gives you an edge over other.

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