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3 Top Reasons Young Employees Stay Longer in a Firm and Why You Should too


3 Top Reasons Young Employees Stay Longer in a Firm and Why You Should too

Have you ever been faced with a situation where you had to choose between the employment offer of two or more firms?

Umpteen times, graduates who are offered employment by two or more firms get confused about which offer to go for. They seek advice from experienced persons, friends, family etc on which offer to clinch. More or less, some factors like salary, career opportunities, distance are considered.

Are you an entrepreneur, a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), an HR/Talent Manager or are you looking forward to being any of these? Well, it’s safe to let you know that it’s not only in parties or colleges you have lots of young people congregate for a purpose or reason. And if you happen to see lots of young persons staying quite long in a firm, there are different reasons for it and it has been proven by research as well.

Here are the reasons:

  1. The People

TINYpulse, a company providing weekly employee surveys to over 40,000 people at 300 companies located across the globe had a survey on why employees love their work and they attributed it to their co-workers in the firm. This goes in line with why young people will like to stay longer in a particular firm than others. And the answers I’ve heard over time are in this fashion; young people love where other young persons are!

The energy and passion they put in what they do are contagious and they love such environment. A colleague, Henry, once said during his first company meeting that he turned down two job offers just for his present job because the firm (present firm) is young people driven and he can easily flow and share ideas

 2. Growth Potential

Every young person wants to grow especially in a firm that has huge growth potential. I know of colleagues who left their previous jobs for their present one because they were not given much room to grow and had to opt out quite early. Flexible work hours, training, timely challenges, variety in responsibilities etc contribute to the growth of a young employee; in fact every employee. Also, the growth potential of the company matters. The environment that provides an avenue for growth and promotion along managerial roles attracts a young workforce.

3) Freedom Ding Dong

Still on the TINYpulse survey, one employee craved “having the freedom to create, improvise and be entrepreneurial,” while another stated: “I love having the freedom to experiment and fail, and still support my actions.”

Young people love freedom and are naturally driven by the entrepreneurial spirit. They also love to experiment. Young people take risks with a firm that provides a platform for that without necessarily sacrificing the profit pool flow.

Another employee has this to say: “If you want your employees to take risks, you have to give them permission to fail”

The number of young employees in a firm, to an extent, determines the vibrancy of the productivity of that firm. The future of that firm looks bright as well.

There are certainly other reasons why young people stay longer in some organisations but the above three are fundamental because it is rare for young people who are success and excellence driven to reject organisations which have the above in place

Do you have more reasons why as a young individual you’d remain in a firm longer? Please kindly share and don’t hold back. Have a great day!

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