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3 Things that start to lose Importance after Leaving School

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3 Things that start to lose Importance after Leaving School

I had the rare opportunity of listening to Gbenga Ajayi an Online Sales Account Manager with Google responsible for Google’s biggest clients in Nigeria and he spoke briefly on the title of this post.

When in school, we all feel the energy and vigour of being young and seek relevance in the academic world, we rep our course of study and try to meet up with the tasks before us; assignments, exams, quizzes etc. But out of school is a different world where things or almost all the accolades of being a fresh graduate starts fading out. Here are 3 of such things…

Your Degree

“I am a graduate” But of what? Engineering, Communication, Law, Nursing, Education etc Yes! That’s when you just graduate. People may be concerned about the degree you have. You have BSc or BEd or MBBS, well that’s nice. But do you also know that thousands of other youths have got the same thing and are in the same job or career space as you. Therefore the question is, as time goes on, what other values are you placing on yourself? What other things or skills or achievements stands you out or places a tag of difference on you as a graduate of years before. Are you taking more courses in your field for more knowledge? The more years you’re out of school, the more your degree loses relevance and experience and professionalism speaks. So go get it!

Your Grade

As fresh graduates, some persons do include their grades in their CV, but 3 to 5 years down the line after school, who cares about your grade? NO ONE! Wole Soyinka, as most people know, graduated with a third class degree. But today he is a renowned personality in the society. I could go on and on to mention names. Whether you graduated with a First, Second or Third class degree or even a pass, once you have bagged that degree, people are watching and they want to see you succeed. And I as well believe that the adrenaline to succeed flows in you. Take control of your world and go out there to rule. No one cares what grade you graduated with if after you leave school and 6 to 7 months down the line there’s nothing to show for it.

Your School

University of Ilorin; of Lagos; of Nigeria; OAU, Unizik etc. Great schools right? I agree with you. But of what use is the name of your school to an employer who wants value for his/her money to be paid into your salary account every month? It is on rare cases and usually for entry-level vacancies that a firm may require that you be a graduate of a particular school and most times for the SIWES program too. Three, four, five years down the line (if you do not wish to further in the same school) you may only return to your school either for the convocation ceremony or to receive your certificate and after that, the name of your school may only come up on your profile and that’s all!

The Way Forward

So what’s the way forward? It is quite simple. The very day you left or once you left your school via the gate for a further journey into the market for green pasture and impact in your world, then it is up to you to take some certain right decisions and move on for good because people are looking up to you. Be it entrepreneurship, job search or master’s degree, whatever you’ve set your mind to do, it is now up to you with God. Good morning and have a great week ahead.

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