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These 3 Reasons May Stop Companies From Offering You A Job

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These 3 Reasons May Stop Companies From Offering You A Job

Some few months ago I read online where a job applicant announced that his last job application was his 1000th application for a job and he is yet to get any offers. I could not but try to imagine what could be wrong with…

– The companies he has been applying to

– His application methods

– His channel of application

– Or possibly him (How he packages himself)

Fast forward to few weeks back, my cousin came home one day from work and narrated how someone who she seconded for a job in the boutique where she works lost the opportunity for a placement. Now the reasons she gave could be the same reasons why someone would apply for jobs up to the 1000th time and yet no placement offer; it could also be the reasons why companies may not offer you a job.

So here are the mistakes made by the person seconded by my cousin and the same reasons may stop companies from offering you a job.

SHE LIED: Or I’ll like to put it this way – “her CV lied” not her. What did she lie about? Well, many of us are guilty of same offense. Presently I’m being restricted (by self) to add a qualification to my CV just because I’ve not done something that would make such addition valid, because anyone could request for my CV for any appointment (e.g Political 😉 ) and such information could require a backup/evidence which I’ll not be able to provide immediately.

So what’s the false info on her CV?

On her CV it was included that her highest academic qualification is a Higher National Diploma (HND) whilst she is still an Ordinary National Diploma (OND) holder. Now that was either a lie or an oversight by the typist (she did not type her CV herself) because she is slated to begin her HND by September. The employer wanted an OND graduate or undergraduate for the job (i.e she was already qualified).

Being truthful in interviews puts you on a win – win situation. According to Heather R. Huhman, If you don’t, you could end up accepting a job that’s completely wrong for you — a lose-lose situation.

The explanation she gave to the employer brings about my second point or reason…

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She Gave the Employer a Condition: There are some points during the interview when you have to clearly draw the lines between when you speak like you’ve been given the job and when you need to speak in anticipation of being granted the job offer.

Without even being given an assurance for the job, she told the employer that she’d only work for a few months until September when she will begin the HND programme. Yes… She shot herself in the leg, right in the employer’s presence! How can you include HND in your CV and still say you only want to work till September when you shall begin your HND programme.

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Even if you have it in mind to be in a firm for just six months, there is no need to tell the employer. Simply keep it to yourself and resign honourably when the time comes.

You may have your dream job still in mind as you accept an offer and keep searching. No harm in that; not at all.

Her Dress Killed it!: 😀 After my first interview for a corporate firm, on my way out of the interview room, one of the interviewers corrected me about my dressing which was an oversight on my own part because I was on the rush to be punctual (very important). Apparently I was wearing a belt of many colours 😀 and possibly did not notice it on time before leaving the house.

She, on the other hand, dressed inappropriately for the interview (I’ll not go into details) and was suspected to be someone who may siphon some products for her use if she’s employed (remember it’s a boutique).

Your dressing matters in every interview you decide to honour. It may not be top notch (for some firms) but at least make it appropriate.

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I’m aware of an applicant who went to an interview in sporting wears for a position that required he displays his hobbies. He got the job. He was different and that was creativity; out of the box. But it was a risk considering that the mood of the interviewers matters and the psychological makeup as well. Some may simply walk you out while some may say “Oh! Let me see what he intends to achieve with this”.

Bottom line? Just dress well, never lie in an interview and don’t give conditions to the employer when an offer has not been given, wait for theirs instead.

Feel free to comment and share with friends and thank you for reading.

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