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3 New Rules for Recruiting (and Retaining) the Best People for Your Team


3 New Rules for Recruiting (and Retaining) the Best People for Your Team

Finding ‘The One’ is no easy task.

You want someone who can “get” you.

You want someone you can get along with.

You want someone that you and your company can depend on.

While it may seem poetic to describe the recruitment process this way, hiring someone new who is the best fit for the company can be challenging, but not impossible.

Changing Times

The world is evolving. The way businesses are run have changed. Attracting top talent is not as clear-cut as it used to be because, in a society where millennials are the new workforce, you can bet that the “norm” no longer applies.

Recruitment of new talent may no longer be exactly the way it was when you had to physically go from office to office to submit painstakingly-made CVs. While some hiring processes remain almost the same, there are new methods that companies use in looking for new employees.

At the same time, companies have also found innovative ways to keep these people from leaving. When you have invested time and resources to look for that ideal new employee, then you would want to keep them in the fold.

As the business landscape continues to flow with the times, both recruitment agencies and companies need to keep in mind some new guidelines to recruit and retain new personnel.

  1. Keep up with the trend

Combing the field for talented people is now made easier with the help of new technology.

Since most people nowadays are glued to their phones, tablets or laptops, you can maximize this cultural phenomenon to your advantage. Recruit through social media or make use of AI technology.

Social media platforms

These platforms offer a cost-efficient way of looking for new staff. All you need to do is to make sure that you have a properly managed social media site with a strong call to action. Pin it to the top of your social media page and include a brief (and preferably catchy) job description.

Don’t forget to include bullet points of the key parts that job-seekers need to know – designation, location, salary range, skill requirements and other deal-breaker arrangements. Do not give out too much information, though, so as to lure their interest with an air of mystery.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology

AI is also a trend that is gaining traction and interest from job agencies and corporations. This modern way of acquiring talent has significantly reduced the time spent selecting candidates for an open position. The use of multiple algorithms and talent mapping can help recruiters produce better quality hires and a cultural fit for the companies that are seeking these talents.

  1. Perks are not just about free coffee

You might have come across best practices of companies that attract the most job seekers. There’s a compelling reason why applicants flock to these corporate institutions, and it’s not just the free mochaccinos.

A lot of companies now offer additional perks to would-be employees. Traditional benefits such as health insurance, vacation leaves and the occasional Friday cocktails are not enough to attract and retain the best and brightest anymore.

Millennials, who comprise the bulk of the current job candidates, have been empowered enough to influence the job hiring process. More casual dress codes, flexible working hours, remote employment and opportunities to join a cause or give back to society are some deal sweeteners that can make them sign on the dotted line.

  1. Keep an open line

When you’ve finally reeled them in, you also have to work hard to keep them happy. When you have happy employees, there’s a greater probability that you and your company will also be reaping the rewards.

First, you need to keep the lines of communication open. Open your ears and listen to their ideas and suggestions as these inputs from the floor can give you another view of how the company is faring.

Keeping your channels open also clues you in if ever some of your team members are considering leaving the company. If this is the case, then you can possibly convince them to stay through a promotion (if warranted) or a change of department (if they are happy with the company and just want a change of tasks).

You should also consider offering continued opportunities for growth. You have to accept that not everyone will stick with you forever, but this shouldn’t stop you from letting him or her learn and partake of up-training sessions.

Employees are also more inclined to stay with a company that encourages them to work autonomously. You will need to trust them to be accountable and work with less supervision. Most of the millennials work to achieve results in the most efficient way possible, so allow them leeway and just be there to check and guide as needed.

Hiring and maintaining staff is a crucial part of making the company run as smoothly as possible. If you’re keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind when you acquire new team members and hold on to the good ones, you can breathe easier knowing that you are doing what you can to help keep the company afloat. By carefully selecting well-oiled cogs, you can rest assured that the corporate machine will be running and chugging along smoothly.

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