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As 2014 Rounds up This is what Companies are up to


As 2014 Rounds up This is what Companies are up to

Hello there. As this year is coming gradually to a close, I’m sure you’re already thinking of what next year will look like. Right? Well, I am. And in case you’re not, I encourage you to kindly do so; put some pieces in place for next year. This is a good time to draw out a concise plan. But first, bring the tiny pieces together and when you’re ready, you fit them in because you won’t be the only one doing that; companies are doing it too… They’re planning for next year in all wise!

So you may ask: what do I mean by the title of this post? Or what are companies even up to during this period; isn’t it the usual promos and giveaways and all what nots? You are not wrong but its not just that. There are 3 things I’m so sure that 70 to 80 percent of firms are up to as the year comes to a close and they fall into these categories: Staff Recruitment, Staff Retention and Client/Customer Appreciation. I’ll explain.

Staff Recruitment:

Just last week a very close friend and roommate in the university received an offer to work in an oil and gas communications related (newsletters, journalistic reports, correspondence etc) firm. All actually went well with the recruitment process until he was told on receiving the offer, that he would have to resume on the 1st day of December even with the firm having a good knowledge of the fact he’s gainfully employed and that means he needs to give his current employer a notice of 2 weeks or one month before he can resign and take the new offer. Well, he declined the offer.

Last week a friend and classmate in the university sort my advice on an issue as well. He applied for a job last two weeks and was asked to come for an interview on Monday last week. He did. On Wednesday, he was sent a message and was asked when he is likely to resume work IF given the offer because he’s currently working in a company. Of course I gave him a good advice which he gladly took and I believe by next month he’ll be on the job which rolls on six figures (different from what he has now)

You see, this period, as it concerns staff recruitment, companies are either urgently recruiting or just placing adverts to conclude the recruitment processes this year and give offers next year.  This is because some are rounding off their budget for this year and trying to put finishing touches to concluding all slated plans for the year or financial year. So if you’re applying for any vacant position, be sure that you are ready to fill up the position as soon as possible or wait till next year before you’re contacted if you qualify.

Staff Retention:

This period also, companies are trying to retain good staff members (those that deliver) and at the same time they assess the performances of all employees to know how well they’ve performed and how well they can be rewarded either by promotion or recognition during an event to mark the end of the year. During this period compensation for all staff is also in the air. Some companies pay the 13th month salary and as well give out food items such as bags of rice and oil for the holiday period. Some go ahead to give awards for loyalty to the firm to employees who have worked with the company over a period of years.

Needful to mention is also the fact that this period some employees’ fate and future in the firm are decided. Decisions are taken whether to show them the way out of the firm come next year due to poor performance or an offense which results to termination of employment according to company policy. I’ve heard of an employee who came to work on the first day of resumption in the new year only to receive a sack letter. So be careful if you’re an employee and make sure you do your best to forestall any such event as its not a good way of ending the year or starting a new year.

Client/Customer Appreciation:

As companies try to reward staff members, they also do same to their clients/staff by saying a very BIG Thank You! The customers or clients of a firm are valuable and therefore the need for rewards such as discounts on services, double on services etc. That’s why this period companies like Konga and Jumia are giving massive discounts (up to 50%) on every of their products. The same goes with web hosting firms like Whogohost. Jobberman is as well giving a huge discount to employers who wish to take advantage of their seamless recruitment services this period and get the best candidates. And for applicants, a recruitment exercise for Transaction Officers and Direct Sales Agent is going on NOW!!! Grab the opportunity before it runs out

So have you been a loyal client or customer, then get prepared for rewards from your service provider this period as the year ends. Happy new month and welcome to December.

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