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10 Misconceptions People Have of Job Advertisements

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10 Misconceptions People Have of Job Advertisements

Some time ago, we made a post about what to look out for in job descriptions before applications are made. Today, we want to expand on that to include misconceptions people may have about Job Advertisements. Our experience span over 3 years in the job space and we’ve been able to, over time, sample opinions, and complaints, and views, on job advertisements as written or made public by employers. Find below, the unique views people have about job advertisements.

1) All Entry Level Graduate Jobs require no experience

This is not entirely true. Although more than 70% of Entry Level Graduate jobs may not require any experience, some companies require that you have some work/relevant work experience of at least 6 months to 3 years. This is peculiar to Consulting/Audit Firms and Oil and Gas firms with a Masters Degree qualification included.

2) Most job ads are just protocols; they’ve been filled already

Or you could say “they’re just fulfilling all righteousness.”

Before most vacancies see the light of day, they may have been advertised internally and more often than not, the interested employees who apply are subjected to the same procedures the external applicants have to go through. So most job vacancies are not filled already. However, we cannot rule out the fact that some job ads are simply protocols to be officially recorded in the accounts while the funds get diverted because connections have taken precedence.

3) It does not matter how long the job has been advertised, I can still apply and get selected

Potentially, the life span of any job ad that has fully explored every channel by which the public is aware of its existence is 3 hours (in Nigeria). Now, please understand that a job posted by may not reach its full potential of attracting the right candidates even at 12 noon if every channel by which the public is aware of its existence has not been fully explored. Factors that speed up the public awareness of the job includes posting the job on the right jobs platform, pushing to social media and blasting to emails or forums etc.  After these, the job ad just has three hours to survive the worst candidate for the job. So it is wrong to believe that it does not matter how long a job has been advertised before you apply and still be selected for the job.

4) Longer job Ads don’t need to be read. Only the experience and qualification would do.

Scanning the job ad for the academic qualification and job experience only before heading for the ‘apply’ button without reading the full/long job description may not cut it. You have to read the full job description to understand what may be required of you peradventure you become the successful candidate or to understand the job application process. Possibly a CV is not needed or probably it is needed in PDF or in video or alongside other important documents. The job ad for a job is like instructions for an examination; it has to be read!

5) All job Ads with public/free application email are fake

True; over 60% of job ads using application email providers that are public/free (, etc) are fake or likely scams. But what happens to the potential 40%? Will you also lose out on them just because the application email is not custom? No, I presume. Some companies may simply not want their inbox to get flooded with CVs. Also, these custom emails are limited in space unlike their public/free counterparts. So always apply to jobs that also have public/free application emails appended to it, your next job could be around the corner.

The article title says ’10 Misconceptions…’ but we’ll like to break it here and continue on our next post. We don’t want to make the post too long to avail you the opportunity of reading other interesting articles on this platform.

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