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10 Misconceptions Job Candidates Have of Job Advertisements (2)

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10 Misconceptions Job Candidates Have of Job Advertisements (2)

Sometime ago, we began a post on misconceptions job candidates have of job advertisements. We were able to take a look at just 5 and today, we shall deal with the rest. In case you missed the previous post, you can check that out here.

6) All jobs with confidential identity are GNLD (Multi Level Marketing) programs

True: some job ads which advertisers decide to go confidential are either MLM trainings in disguise or pure scam. But here is a fact: Most genuine/big companies usually go confidential when they are about to lay off staff without their knowledge or want to be off-radar as part of companies recruiting for the day. Some of the methods of application are P.O box addresses or a free email service addresses (gmail, yahoomail).

One of the ways of detecting whether the job ad/interview invite is genuine is by checking out the invite message and channel as discussed here.
7) Instead of applying for a job via the job ad only, I’ll also check out the company and forward my CV via their official email

Working with a top recruitment firm, I’ve come to realise that most companies detest this and frown at it. Basic official company contact emails are for information and communication purposes only. So, double applying for a job with the notion that it gets to the recruiter (or direct employer) faster is wrong and a misconception.

8) ‘Relevant/cognate work experience’ means nothing so long I have just any experience
This thinking is wrong. It eventually leads to compounding the CV bank of the recruiter with irrelevant CVs and this results to useful time being wasted. Having relevant experience means you’ve been in the position for the particular number of years dictated by the job AD and not just any experience outside the said role.
9) No need to apply. I’ve forwarded my CV to my buddy in the company and he will get me the job, I need just relax and wait for an invite

Really? Except if the said buddy is part of the Human Resources Team or directly involved in the sourcing and screening of applicants’ CVs, this assumption is a misconception. There is an extent to which your CV can fly in an organization and that’s via the HR department, as gotten from the right application channel. So, apply for that job even before you forward to your buddy

10) If the job is not on the company’s career page, it is fake!
No, it’s not. Unlike job websites, blogs and forums that always have new content, company websites and career pages don’t. Companies put up vacancies on job websites because of traffic and they want more people to apply. That’s why most career pages only contain videos, pictures, little text and without any actual job vacancy
A lecturer of mine usually say, “Assumption is the surest recipe for disaster”
Instead of having random assumptions of what you do not know about, just follow the already established way of doing things whilst taking calculated risks.

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